PlayStation Summer Sale is finally here!

And it even includes some newer releases.

The PlayStation Summer Sale is finally here! Starting July 20th, many PlayStation titles have been knocked down by a hefty amount. Hopefully you’ve got enough hours in your schedule to play all these, because there’s a lot on here!

PlayStation Summer Sale offers hundred of discounts

There are definitely some exciting titles on the PlayStation Summer Sale. Though some sales are quite minimal at 15% off, other games knocked down all the way to 75% off. So, no matter what you’re looking for, PlayStation certainly has something in your price range.

While Elden Ring may not be on sale quite yet, fellow FromSoftware game Bloodborne sits at a pretty $9.99. PlayStation hit God of War lands at the same price point. Not a fan of facing Bloodborne’s unrelenting brutality? Then check out even newer games like The Quarry, which received a small discount with its $60 price now lowered to $40.19.

Some games to look forward to:

Not everything you may want, but quite a lot

Unfortunately, some of the bigger hits like Elden Ring and Horizon: Forbidden West have yet to hit sale status. They’re selling too well these days because they’re great games, so no reason for anyone to knock down that price quite yet. Give it another year or two and maybe we’ll see those at cheaper prices.

The PlayStation Summer Sale ends Wednesday, August 17 at 11:59pm (local time). They warn certain games may leave the promotion early on, so best to check everything out while you can. Read the full list of games on PlayStation’s official blog, and hunt down your favorites on the PlayStation store page.

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