Join Mega Visions!

We’re always looking to add new talented members to our team, and if you’re interested in joining up with one of the few surviving print video game magazines, you’ve come to the right place!

Who we’re looking for

We’re looking for people who are passionate and knowledgeable about video games and possess an ability to share that passion and knowledge in written form.

It’s not a requirement that you have a long portfolio of work, although that certainly helps, but we’re looking for people who are eager to learn and help us inform and entertain our readership.

Our team members come from all across the world, so it’s not required that you reside in a certain region. However, all applicants must be at least 18 years of age, for legal purposes.

Open positions

  • News writer
  • Features writer
  • Audio/Podcast editor
  • Video editor

Our Rates

  • News [600 words] – $8
  • Mini-Review [800 words] $20
  • Editorial [1,000 words] – $20
  • Feature [1,200 words] – $25
  • Guide – $35
  • Interview
    • Text only – $30
    • Audio, text – $40
    • Video, audio, text – $50
  • Full Review [1,200 words] – $50
  • Retrospective [1,500-2,500 words] – $75-$100

How to apply

You’ll apply by emailing us a short bio about yourself, why you’d make a great addition to the MV team and any links to your previously published works to with the subject as “Application to join Mega Visions.”

About Us

Mega Visions Magazine is an independent print and online publisher covering all generations of the gaming industry, with a focus on neo-retro and indie games. We produce a quarterly physical and digital magazine with subscriptions available at our Patreon page and back issues available through our webstore. In addition to our magazine, we operate our website with daily news, features, reviews, video content, livestreams and podcasts.

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