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PREVIEW: Hunt or be hunted in INVERSE [Meta Quest]

A sneak peek at the multiplayer hunter/prey game.

INVERSE, a survival horror VR game from developer MassVR, drops on the Meta Quest today. We’ll have a full review soon, but we got a sneak peek at the game and mechanics. We’ll give you the rundown on what you’ll be in for with this twist on the innovative asymmetric gameplay genre.

INVERSE is not just a simple solo or multiplayer VR game. While yes, it does offer players the choice to embark on their own as either a lone monster hunter or to play as a team, the agents you play must survive defenseless until power control terminals throughout the creepy facility are activated.

All the while, a twisted, monstrous entity called the Nul attacks at every opportunity. But who is this destructive creature… could it be one of your own?

Game design by those who love the genre

MassVR is a team of horror and sci-fi enthusiasts, so INVERSE offers a ‘spine-chilling and cinematic experience’ that immerses players in a relentless fight for survival. In a press release, Chris Lai, CEO and co-founder of the company, said: “INVERSE brings the essence of survival horror to VR, offering players an unmatched experience of fear, thrill, and strategic gameplay.”

The game makes a solid bold claim that ‘horror enthusiasts’ and ‘virtual reality aficionados’ should prepare themselves for a ‘chilling journey into the depths of fear and discover what awaits in the shadowy realms.’ And the visual setup certainly delivers. The look and feel of the abandoned station is quite creepy and just enough of a maze to keep players looking over their shoulder.

Agent… or monster?

The game supports up to four players working together as agents locating and unlocking weapons terminals and defeat the evil Nul. But that’s where the fun twist comes into play. One player actually assumes the role of the Nul, using unique abilities to hunt down and eliminate the agent!

But don’t worry if you don’t know enough people to fill a team. AI players can seamlessly fill in to make sure the experience is immersive regardless of the number of human players.

Players begin by completing tasks and surviving Nul attacks. Once your weapon is unlocked, it’s time to go on the offensive in Monster Hunt mode. INVERSE is unique in that all players play offense and defense in each match. This ensures that you must master both offensive and defensive tactics to succeed.

Don’t fear being alone

The solo player experience has been quite well thought out, too. During single-player matches, INVERSE presents players with plenty of challenges that test players’ skills. But they also offer a deeper exploration of the game’s lore and terror-filled world. The story the game is built around takes center stage.

Plus, the progressive leveling system allows players to unlock new skills and perks. These added bonuses keep the game interesting and allow players to be better equipped when facing the growing challenges as well as enhancing survival chances.

Face the ever growing darkness

MassVR has stated that they’re going to provide a “continuously evolving experience for players.” INVERSE is expected to receive bi-annual content updates to ensure players have new experiences. This will keep the game from getting monotonous, hopefully. Since the company started out in the physical VR space, console games certainly seem to be adding more versatility and the ability to grow to their repertoire.

Lai says, “We wanted to create a game that captures the intense emotions of playing a horror game with friends in real life while still delivering engaging gameplay for both solo and cooperative play styles in VR.” Time will tell if they succeeded, but INVERSE is certainly off to a good start.

The game is available on the Meta Quest today, Sept. 7. We’ll have a full review shortly.

Are you excited for this new horror multiplayer experience? Let us know in the comments.

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