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Lost Judgment could be the last game in the franchise due to PC disagreement

It looks like Judgment could be ending as a series if talent agency Johnny’s has their demands met. According to a report from Nikkan Taishu, SEGA and talent agency Johnny’s are in a massive disagreement over a PC version release of the upcoming Lost Judgment

The report goes into detail about how Johnny’s does not want the game to be released on PC in any capacity. The agency believes it would impact the talent management of lead actor Takuya Kimura’s (who plays Takayuki Yagami) likeness. SEGA has argued back saying that a PC release is pivotal for the game’s success. If an agreement can’t be made between the two parties, it is very likely either Lost Judgment will be the last game in the series, or that the series will move forward without Kimura’s involvement as Yagami. 

Lost Judgment Actor
Takuya Kimura promoting Judgment

It makes one little weird detail about the announcement of Lost Judgment make more sense. After the game was announced earlier this year, fans found the game listed for Windows 10 and Steam on the game’s Japanese website. The logos were removed quickly, but Wario64 and others on Twitter found that the source code was not deleted? There’s also the glaring question of why is Johnny’s mad about a PC release when Judgment was released earlier this year on Stadia? Did they think that was a console and not a PC platform? 

This legal fight is something to keep an eye on as it moves forward. At the time of this article posting, SEGA nor Johnny’s have made a comment about the report made by Nikkan Taishu. We will update readers if any more information is made available. Hopefully, this fight can end amicably and the series can continue after Lost Judgment with Takuya Kimura involved as Yagami.

Lost Judgment releases on September 24th, 2021 worldwide for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 (for now). 


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