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Data miners find that 52 SEGA Genesis and 38 N64 games are set for Nintendo Switch Online

A user on ResetEra unconvered data that suggests how many SEGA Genesis and Nintendo 64 games are due to arrive on the Switch.

Nintendo recently launched a new subscription plan for Nintendo Switch Online that includes several SEGA Genesis / Master System and Nintendo 64 games. At present, 14 SEGA games and 9 N64 games are available through Nintendo’s online service. However, thanks to data miners, we now know just how many SEGA and N64 titles are coming to the Switch.

Data miner MondoMega on ResetEra took a look into the Switch’s new update and plotted out the internal names for all the N64 and SEGA games set to launch on the service. While the lists didn’t reveal any names for titles not already released, they do tell us one thing: there will be 52 SEGA Genesis games and 38 N64 games available on Switch.

Considering that’s 57 games that have yet to come to the system, there’s plenty of room for speculation on what these games might be. However, without any hard evidence or more in-depth data mining, it’s only guesswork at this point.

SEGA Genesis Switch List
Fill in the blanks — what SEGA games do you want to see on Switch Online? (Source: MondoMega on ResetEra)

What SEGA Genesis and N64 games are coming to Switch Online?

Unfortunately, there’s no concrete answers as to which titles are definitely coming beyond what we already know from Nintendo. However, based on how the lists are organized, we can make some educated guesses. The N64 games are listed alphabetical by their English title, and the SEGA Genesis games seemed to be sorted alphabetically by Japanese title. Users on the ResetEra forum have already begun to speculate what could fill the gaps.

The internal data also hints that another retro platform will come to Switch Online in the future. The first number of the game IDs indicate which system the game belongs to; 2 for SNES, 3 for N64, and 5 for Genesis. So where’s 4? Rumors have speculated that Game Boy titles will arrive on Switch Online, and this adds further fuel to that fire.

Which SEGA Genesis and Nintendo 64 games are you hoping Nintendo adds to Switch Online? Let us know!

Via My Nintendo News.

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