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Rumor: Mega Man X DiVE may be heading to Nintendo Switch

Data miners have uncovered references to Amiibos in the game's files, indicating a potential Switch port.

It seems another Mega Man game might be coming to Nintendo Switch — albeit not one everyone was expecting. Mega Man X DiVE, previously an Asia-exclusive title that was only recently brought to the West, is currently available on iOS, Android, and Steam. However, the latest rumors suggest that the Mega Man X DiVE may be coming to the Nintendo Switch.

After digging into the game’s latest client, data miners have uncovered lines of code that reference “NS” and Nintendo’s Amiibo line of figurines. The code does not suggest any further information beyond this line, but it does have fans of the game buzzing over whether or not it indicates a port to the system.

Capcom has not yet confirmed anything about a Switch port of Mega Man X DiVE. However, since this is not the first time this situation has arisen, it may be more likely than you think.

Mega Man X DiVE Switch Gameplay

What these rumors mean for Mega Man X DiVE on Switch

Mega Man X DiVE launched in Asia in March 2020 for iOS and Android, receiving a Steam port in 2021. It was exclusive to the Asian market until getting a release in the US, UK, Canada, and Ireland just a few months ago.

When analyzing the latest build, data miners found evidence that the game may be coming to the Switch. Lines in the code of Mega Man X DiVE allegedly refer to the Nintendo Switch and Amiibos, though the way the strings are worded indicates that Amiibo support would not be present. We have no way to know for now if this code indicates a release on the system; it could just as likely be unused or holdover data.

The freaky thing is, this situation has precedent. According to Rockman Corner, this is the exact same way players learned about the Steam port of the game. Given how quickly data miners and engineers pick apart games, it’s no surprise this info would leak so quickly.

Only time will tell if this rumor holds true. For now, as we’ll have to wait for official word from Capcom on whether or not this port will happen.

Via Nintendo Life.

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