Valve Announces Steam Deck, a Switch-like Portable PC

For a while now, portable console quality gaming brings only one thing to mind, the Nintendo Switch. Now in its fourth year on the market, the Switch continues to be the best-selling system around, and with the OLED refresh a few months away, Nintendo don’t look to be giving up the hybrid model any time soon. It was only a matter of time before someone else gave the idea a go, and so step in Valve, with their Steam Deck portable gaming PC, planning to release by the year’s end.

The Steam Deck offers a 7-inch multi-touch screen with1280x800 resolution, with internal specs that put it head and shoulders above the Switch in performance. Modern games shouldn’t be a problem for the handheld, with IGN’s hands-on allowing them to play Jedi Fallen Order on high settings comfortably.

The system has the buttons you’d expect on a modern system and some new ones as well. Two touch pads, similar to the Steam Controller, inhabit both sides of the system with the intent of making games played with a mouse playable on the system. On the back of the console are four additional buttons likely to be used as short cut keys for some games.

Steam Deck has many of your typical features you’d find on most modern tech: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a USB-C are all present, with the latter being able to connect to an external monitor much like the Switch. Valve are also planning to release a dock separately later down the line.

There are three versions of the Steam Deck, all of which having the same graphical capabilities. The 399$ base model has 64GB of storage, the $529 model has 256GB, and lastly a $649 with 512GB of storage, and an anti-glare screen as well. The latter two models have a faster NMVe SSD, but all of them can increase storage with a MicroSD card.

With the system now available for pre-order, you gonna grab one? Does it even appeal to you? Be sure to let us know.

Via, IGN.


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