Kojima Productions selling anti-war merch for Ukraine

Kojima Productions offers support for Ukraine with their new charity item.

We’ve seen many great fundraisers offering aid in the wake of the Russia-Ukraine war. Studios such as SEGA offered vocal support and stated they made a donation. Riot made over $2 million in a Ukraine fundraiser, along with’s Ukraine bundle surpassing $4 million. And the support for Ukraine hasn’t stopped: Kojima Productions is now selling anti-war merchandise to further support Ukrainian refugees.

Kojima Productions selling LUDENS PEACE MARK UNIT

In a tweet, Kojima Productions announced the special charity item they offer in support. The “LUDENS PEACE MARK UNIT” sales all go directly towards those who have evacuated from Ukraine to Japan. The LUDENS PEACE MARK UNIT is a stainless steel charm shaped as a peace sign with a 5mm thickness, 50mm width, and 55mm height. Additionally, it includes a 230mm strap to wear it or hang somewhere.

Pre-orders for the items started June 20, 2022. It costs $40 USD, or 5,000 JPN YEN, excluding tax. Kojima Productions didn’t state how long the item would be in the store for, but pre-orders ship out sometime in August.

It’s no surprise to see Kojima Productions releasing the LUDENS PEACE MARK UNIT, given the kinds of stories Hideo Kojima tells. Metal Gear Solid notably stands out as a commentary on war with its themes about military technology, the sacrifices involved, information control, and much more. Media with these critical themes help us look constructively at the world around us. With the Russia-Ukraine war happening, that seems more important now than ever.

Support Ukraine!

It’s great to see more studios offering support towards Ukraine. Moving forward, we hope to see other game studios continue to donate and raise funds for them. Be sure to pick up the LUDENS PEACE MARK UNIT by Kojima Productions to join in on supporting Ukraine. If you’re not interested in that particular item, there are still plenty of other game studios offering other forms of support.

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