Riot Games’ Ukraine fundraiser reaches $2 million

The support has been unbeelievable!

Like many other video game companies have been stepping up to support Ukraine, Riot Games offers the same. From March 5 up until March 12, all proceeds from Riot battle pass sales and specific League of Legends skins will be donated to support humanitarian relief efforts in Eastern Europe. That means we’ve still got three more days to support the Riot Games Ukraine fundraiser!

The Riot Games Ukraine fundraiser

The fundraiser aims to focus specifically on humanitarian relief in Ukraine and other nearby affected areas. Any players of Riot games can help support this fundraiser. All proceeds from battle pass sales for VALORANT, Legends of Runeterra, Teamfight Tactics, and Wild Rift go towards Eastern Europe support. Battle passes typically allow for cosmetic unlockables made available through missions and xp. Additionally, the new League of Legends skins in the Bees! skin line will also be donated towards humanitarian relief.

Do you want to “bee” a help for other people? Take a look at these adorable skins and tell me you don’t already want them, including:

  • Orbeeanna
  • Nunu and Beelump
  • Heimerstinger
  • Bzziggs
  • Orbeeanna, one of the skins being sold for Riot Games' Ukraine fundraiser
  • Nunu and Beelump
  • Heimerstinger and Bzziggs

Currently, Riot players have already raised more than $2 million in support. Combined with contributions from Riot themselves, that makes a total of more than $3 million overall. Riot donated their own $1 million to three humanitarian nonprofits. These nonprofits include:

  • International Medical Corps
  • Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders
  • Polish Red Cross

Spread the buzz!

Players have until March 12 to support Riot Games’ Ukraine humanitarian relief. If you don’t play any of these games, feel free to check out other fundraisers. currently has a fundraising bundle including nearly 1,000 items. There’s also a DOOM 2 level purchasable for humanitarian relief. Of course, you can feel free to support all three, or even more than what these companies offer. And if you can’t give a little yourself, “bee” sure to spread the “buzz” to give more aid to Ukraine!

Erin Vieira

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