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John Romero releases new DOOM 2 level to raise money for Ukraine

The DOOM designer is offering the level for ā‚¬5. All proceeds go to the Red Cross and UN Central Emergency Response Fund.

John Romero, one of the original creators of DOOM and its sequel, just released a new level for DOOM 2. He’s doing this to raise money for Ukraine following the Russian invasion into the country in February.

The level, One Humanity, is currently on sale for ā‚¬5. You need an original copy of DOOM 2 and a modern source port to play this level. All proceeds from the level will go the Ukrainian Red Cross and UN Central Emergency Response Fund. It’s currently available for purchase on Romero’s website.

Romero announced the new level on his Twitter page. See the announcement below:

Why John Romero made a new DOOM 2 level

The DOOM modding scene has remained strong since the original game was released 30 years ago, thanks largely to id Software’s modding support. Romero, however, hasn’t made a level for DOOM 2 since the game launched in 1994. However, following Russia’s invasion into Ukraine, Romero stepped up to help donate to the country’s cause.

Romero isn’t the only one in the gaming industry uniting to help Ukraine. Polish developer 11 Bit Studios has been donating all sales of its anti-war game This War of Mine over the past week to the Ukranian Red Cross. The company has raised over $160,000 in merely 24 hours.

Meanwhile, other gaming companies have been imposing restrictions on Russian representation and service following its invasion. EA recently announced that it will remove Russian teams from FIFA 22 and NHL 22. Following Russia and Putin’s continued invasion into Ukraine, it’s comforting to see the collective gaming industry stand up against this injustice.

You can download John Romero’s DOOM 2 level for Ukrainian relief here. If you want to support Ukraine in other ways, you can find a list of resources on Forbes here.

Via PC Gamer.

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