SEGA joins other studios in offering aid to Ukraine

The conflicts in the Ukraine over the past 12 days have most of us on edge. Since then, the gaming community has stepped up to show their support for Ukrainian developers, studios and gamers.

At the annual Ubisoft Developers Conference this week, it announced they had taken action last month to support their Ukrainian employees. They have supplied extra funds to facilitate evacuation or any other needs. Alternative housing in neighboring countries and advanced salaries are offered. Additionally, they donated 200,000 euros (approximately $219,000 USD) to the Ukrainian Red Cross and Save The Children “to help the immediate needs of the Ukrainian population.”

Developers of This War of Mine were among the first to offer assistance to the Ukraine.

This week we have discussed several newsworthy moves by game developers and studios. That includes removal of Russian teams from all EA Sports current FIFA and NHL 22 titles. The move mimics real life decisions made by FIFA and UEFA. John Romero released a new level in DOOM 2 to raise money for the Ukrainian Red Cross and UNCERF. Finally, Polish developers 11 Bit Studios announced proceeds from This War of Mine will go to the Ukrainian Red Cross.

SEGA adds their support

Yesterday, SEGA SAMMY Group, in conjunction with SEGA CORPORATION, SEGA Europe Limited, and SEGA of America, Inc, released a statement:

“We stand with the people of Ukraine as they continue to suffer the consequences of this conflict,” it said. “SEGA is making a meaningful donation and is matching donations from its staff to various Ukraine focused humanitarian aid causes. This money will go towards desperately needed help for those affected.”

SEGA pledges relief aid to the Ukraine. Credit: SEGA SAMMY

It noted “SEGA SAMMY Group, while hoping for a swift and peaceful resolution to the crisis, will also continue to consider alternative methods of support as the situation evolves.”

It’s heartwarming to see the community come together during this dark time. Mega Visions extends our sincerest hope that this conflict will be over soon, and the Ukrainian people can return to a life of peace.

Alicia Graves

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