Bundle for Ukraine surpasses $4 million in support

We wanted to bring you all an update on the bundle to support the Ukrainian people effected by the ongoing war in their country. As we reported four days ago, the Bundle for Ukraine, hosted by Brandon Sheffield, director of Necrosoft Games, went live on March 7.

The bundle offers 992 items for a donation of only $10. The entire package is valued at over $6,550.

What is Bundle for Ukraine?

They surpassed their original goal of $1 million in under 24 hours of the campaign going live. Now, with 5 days left, the funds have smashed second goal of $2 million and established a new one. Set for $5 million, it is obtainable. Over 302, 000 people have donated at this time, and it shows no signs of slowing down. While writing this, I watch the numbers leap from $4,239,000 to over $4,372,639.

Bundle for Ukraine
The Bundle for Ukraine includes almost 1,000 items and is quickly smashing monetary goals set by the host.

All proceeds from the bundle will be split between the International Medical Corps providing medical aid in the Ukraine, and Voices of Children charities. The latter is a Ukrainian organization with the goal of helping children deal with the horrors of war, including PTSD. According to the bundle’s page, Voices of Children has also been instrumental in setting up shelters throughout the country.

We encourage everyone to check out the Bundle for Ukraine and donate if you can. If you can’t help monetarily (hey, we know times are tough), please share on your social media sites. Every little bit of attention helps during any time of crisis. We will continue to provide updates as well.

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