Octopath Traveler sells over 3 million units

Not too long after the recent, and very exciting, Nintendo Direct, Square Enix proudly announced that Octopath Traveler sold over three million units worldwide!

Octopath Traveler stands strong

On September 13, Square Enix tweeted out the news. They let fans of Octopath Traveler know that the game has now sold over three million units worldwide, including physical and digital. With that announcement, they thank fans for their support.

For those unfamiliar with the game, Octopath Traveler follows 8 different travelers journeying across the world of Orsterra. Each character has a unique story and side quests, and come from various different regions in the world. Players pick a protagonist with a distinct character class before going on to explore and recruit other characters for their party. Using a turned-based battle system, use all kinds of unique abilities to fight your enemies and explore the land.

Many praise the game for its graphics and art style, and overall, the game retains very positive feedback. It boasts a unique “HD-2D” style, with polygonal environments combined with character sprites reminiscent of the Super NES. 

A sequel on the way

We’re glad to see Octopath Traveler getting the attention it deserves. And it’ll continue to do so with the recently announced Octopath Traveler II, coming to Nintendo Switch. The sequel releases soon enough on February 23, 2023. It follows another new set of 8 characters in the land of Solista, featuring similar mechanics and art style as the first one.

You can check out the hype for yourself by picking up the game on Nintendo Switch or Steam. Though the game typically sells for $59.99, the Steam version is currently 50% off, meaning it’s a great time to get it! You may want to see what the game has to offer before its sequel comes out next winter.

Erin Vieira

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