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Discord for Xbox comes with in-console voice chat

Discord Voice on Xbox is coming.

If you play games with friends on PC, or even if you just like chatting to people, there’s a high chance you use Discord. Discord is an instant messaging social platform that offers a lot of benefits to gamers. It includes texting, voice and video calls, streaming capabilities, and much more. Now, the popular voice platform makes its way over to Xbox on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One in 2022.

Discord for Xbox

We’ve been asking for Discord’s availability on consoles for a long time, so it’s very exciting that Xbox is finally making that leap! How do you get started? I’ll lead you through it:

First, connect your Xbox account to Discord, just like you would with any other program through User Settings>Connections on PC or your mobile device. Much like it works for PC games, Discord and Xbox allows you to display your gamertag, current game activity, and how long you’ve been playing said game. 

Next, you’ll need the Xbox mobile app installed. Go into your preferred voice chat on mobile or PC and then it should offer the chance to transfer audio over to Xbox. Xbox voice transfer supports server, DM, and group voice channels.

picture instructions of transferring discord audio

Transferring through your phone or PC seems a bit strange to do every time. However, we’ll consider this to be a tester, as it could always change in the future. Overall, the procedure seems pretty painless regardless.

This sounds great—how do I sign up?

Currently, Discord for Xbox is in its early stages for testers in the Xbox Insiders program, starting today. Much to our dismay, the wider availability date remains unknown other than knowing it likely arrives sometime in 2022.

PlayStation currently has a deal with Discord, but that doesn’t include voice chat on the actual console. It’s a little strange Xbox received voice chat before PlayStation did, but hopefully they’ll follow in Xbox’s footsteps soon.

We look forward to continuing our partnership with Xbox and creating even deeper, more meaningful experiences for your friends and communities. Who knows what the future holds! Besides more video games, obviously.

Discord (Clyde)

For more information on how to use Discord with Xbox, be sure to read Discord’s official post here. To join the Xbox Insiders program, check out the information here.

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