Two Star Wars game collections coming to PS4/Switch

Fans of the Star Wars video games are about to get a good amount of physical releases thanks to THQ Nordic and Aspyr Media! Both companies announced that two Star Wars physical game collections are coming to the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch! 

The first is the Jedi Knight Collection. This collection will include Aspyr’s remasters of Jedi Academy and Jedi Outcast. The second will be the bundle pack of Racer and Republic Commando. As with the first package, this will include both remasters done by Aspyr. Both collections will retail at $29.99 each. They will be available for PlayStation 4 on October 26th and November 16th for Nintendo Switch. 

Aspyr has handled each of these remasters with great care and quality. The one for Racers impressed me heavily as a fan of the original Nintendo 64 gem. Their attention to detail and love of the Star Wars gaming universe has gotten them a massive opportunity down the road. They will be the ones remaking Knights Of The Old Republic for a new generation. Given how well they’ve handled these remasters so far, that project is in great hands.

Are you excited to pick up either of these Star Wars collections for your library? Let us know below!

Alex Lehew

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