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SEGA’s Astro City Mini arcade now available to pre-order from Amazon Japan

Plus release date and control pad revealed

A couple of days ago, we reported on the announcement of the Astro City Mini arcade  – a new mini system from SEGA. Not too much information has been revealed yet, except for the price and that it’s set to include 36 classic SEGA arcade games, but only 10 of which have been announced.

However, we now know a potential Japanese release date, as the system is now open for preorders on Amazon’s Japanese store, with a launch date of 31 December 2020 and a price of ¥14,080 (about $129 or £102). And it looks like the device will be shipping worldwide too.

It’s still not known whether the Astro City Mini arcade will be coming to the West, so you can bet that some of the Mega Visions staff have already put their preorder in.

And if you’re worried about crouching over a tiny arcade machine, don’t! Also revealed is the Astro City Mini Control Pad – a 6-button controller designed to look the part next to your Astro City Mini arcade unit. This is also available for preorder with a “December 2020” launch date, costing ¥3,058 (about $28 or £22).

Interestingly though, the controller doesn’t seem to available to ship worldwide – I just tried (though the arcade unit went through swimmingly).

So if you can’t wait to find out about a potential Western release, or want a lovely piece to add to your games collection, you can check out the preorder page on (links below).

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