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Pokemon Snap heads to Nintendo Switch Online this week

Head back to Pokemon Island on June 24.

Nintendo’s Switch Online service has been inundated with several quality titles this year. Games like Banjo-Kazooie, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, and Paper Mario joined the service in 2022. Now, another beloved game is joining the ranks. Pokemon Snap, the N64 photo-shooting Pokemon spinoff, is coming to Switch Online later this week.

Pokemon Snap sends players to Pokemon Island, an island filled with… er, Pokemon and tasked you with taking pictures of them. Inspired by on-rail shooters (but way less violent), it was a charming little spinoff that remains popular to this day.

We knew the game was coming, since Nintendo previously announced it as an upcoming title. Now we know exactly when it’s coming: we’ll be able to return to the island with our rolls of film on June 24.

See the trailer for the game below, courtesy of Nintendo on YouTube:

Pokemon Snap heads to Nintendo Switch on June 24

Pokemon Snap was revealed as an upcoming title when Nintendo first announced that Nintendo 64 games were coming to Switch Online. It makes sense, considering the lingering popularity of the title. Its 2021 sequel New Pokemon Snap sold very well and received positive reviews, demonstrating just how much fans loved this concept.

Of course, the original Pokemon Snap allowed users to print out their in-game pictures by taking their cartridge to their local Blockbuster video store. Considering that this is a digital version and Blockbuster barely exists anymore, that’s obviously not gonna carry over. However, the Wii Virtual Console release of Pokemon Snap saved those pictures to the Wii Message Board instead. It’s possible that Nintendo will allow you to save pictures directly to your Switch — but this remains to be seen.

Are you gonna be playing Pokemon Snap once it launches on Nintendo Switch this week? Let us know!

Via The Verge.

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