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LEGO Sonic is coming to Sonic Superstars

Play as the fastest brick alive in Sonic Superstars when it launches later this year.

Sonic Superstars looks to be a proper celebration of everything Sonic has represented over the past few decades. With retro-inspired levels and a beautiful 2D art style, it certainly looks the part. But that doesn’t mean that modern Sonic trends have been left behind. For instance, a LEGO version of Sonic is confirmed to hit Sonic Superstars when it launches later this year.

A new trailer released by SEGA and Sonic Team showed off the LEGO content in action. We haven’t seen the LEGO Sonic character skin in the actual gameplay yet, but a fight between LEGO Sonic and LEGO Eggman has gotten people hyped for more.

This character skin will be available as free DLC when the game launches. While we’ve seen LEGO Sonic and LEGO Eggman, other characters might receive LEGO skins in the future. We’ll just have to wait and see if even more LEGO content is on the way. Given SEGA and LEGO’s great relationship so far, it’s highly likely that even more LEGO-related shenanigans will grace the Sonic series before long.

See the LEGO content trailer for Sonic Superstars below, courtesy of Sonic the Hedgehog on YouTube.

Building LEGO in Sonic Superstars, brick by brick

LEGO Sonic confronts LEGO Eggman in this latest trailer for Sonic Superstars.

Sonic Superstars will be a celebration of Sonic’s past, with direct inspiration from the classic 2D titles. We already know several characters, with the classic trio of Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles joined by Amy Rose, Eggman, and even Fang the Sniper. With multiple characters on offer, it makes sense to include separate skins for each one.

That’s where LEGO Sonic comes in. This skin is available as free DLC, which should be downloadable at launch. From the preview we’ve got so far, it looks like LEGO Sonic has the same moves as you’d expect. The completely LEGO Spin Dash, for instance, looks really cool in action.

Of course, this isn’t the first time the Blue Blur (the Blue Brick?) got the LEGO treatment. Based on a fan-made idea, LEGO released a Sonic LEGO set based on Green Hill Zone, as part of its expansion into video game sets. More Sonic LEGO sets are on the way.

Even video games saw LEGO Sonic before all of that. A Sonic campaign for LEGO Dimensions released in 2016, giving fans the first look at the brick-based hedgehog. With this Sonic Superstars

LEGO my Eggman-o!

LEGO Eggman
Eggman’s also got the LEGO treatment — or should we call him Dr. Robotbrick?

You’ll be able to access the LEGO Sonic skin as free DLC when the game launches. Other character skins announced so far include a Modern Amy design. We expect that SEGA will reveal more later. Whether or not any other characters will get the LEGO treatment remains uncertain.

Do you want even more LEGO action in Sonic Superstars? If you pre-order the game, you’ll gain access to the LEGO Eggman character skin, which you can deploy in-game. All pre-order bonuses also get a reversible cover, and specific retailers also offer a collectible acrylic display. You can pre-order Sonic Superstars via our affiliate links below!


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Sonic Superstars is developed by Arzest and Sonic Team and published by SEGA. There is no current release date. However, the game will launch in late 2023.

What do you think of this Sonic Superstars LEGO content? What characters are you hoping to see in Sonic Superstars? Let us know!

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