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You can play DOOM on a LEGO brick now

Someone modded a LEGO brick PC to have a real, tiny screen — and then ran DOOM on it.

It’s the inevitable question that someone asks when a new piece of technology comes out: can it run DOOM? It’s perhaps the enduring popularity of the influential 1993 FPS and its adaptability that makes it a popular benchmark for new computer systems. But the strangest one imaginable might have just happened: playing DOOM on a LEGO brick.

That’s right: a LEGO brick displaying DOOM in monochrome at a resolution of 72×40, and it’s technically playable. (We say technically because there’s no way in hell you could get through the full game on it.) DIY tech wizard James Brown is the mad genius behind this project, which came about after he modded a tiny screen into the brick in question.

See the game played on the LEGO brick PC below, courtesy of James Brown on Twitter:

DOOM playing on a LEGO brick? It’s real

The video shows it plain and clear: DOOM playing in black-and-white on a screen that’s smaller of a U.S. penny. It should be clarified that the brick isn’t running the game itself, it’s simply acting as the monitor that displays the game. But it’s still a fascinating project, and proof that LEGO really does bring out the creative mind in all of us.

Usually, these LEGO PC pieces only contain a painted image on their front side. They don’t contain any electronics themselves; they’re just mimicking what a PC would look like if it was a brick. (Er, not that kind of bricked PC.) Brown modified one with a tiny OLED screen that costs less than $2 USD and connected it to a microchip. Then they plopped both into a LEGO PC brick mold, and viola: a LEGO computer.

What do you think of this DIY project? Now that DOOM can run on a LEGO brick, what do you want it to run on next? Let us know!

Via PC Gamer.

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