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Four new tracks, including Zozo and Gold Saucer, revealed for Chocobo GP

Zozo, Gold Saucer, Alexandria, and Big Bridge are just four of the tracks you'll be racing on when the game launches in March.

A surprising (but welcome) announcement at last September’s Nintendo Direct, Chocobo GP is just around the corner. The follow-up to the 1999 PlayStation kart racer Chocobo Racing, the game features kart racing action jam-packed with characters and settings from the Final Fantasy series. Recently, we got a sneak peek at four tracks that will be featured in Chocobo GP, all based on classic Final Fantasy locations.

The tracks include Zozo, the eternally-raining thieves’ den from FF6; Alexandria, one of the kingdoms of Gaia from FF9, Big Bridge, the enormous continent-connecting bridge from FF5; and Gold Saucer, the amusement park from FF7. This is just a sample of the track list that will be available in the final game when it drops on March 10.

See a sneak preview of the tracks below, courtesy of Nintendo UK on Twitter:

Exploring the new Chocobo GP tracks

The Final Fantasy series spans multiple different universes and settings, each with their own environments and habitats. These tracks for Chocobo GP, even with the wacky kart-racing aesthetics on display, capture that quite well. It all feels like a love letter to the series, especially when you’ve got famous characters from across the franchise riding around these locations.

We’ve also got our first look at some of the track designs as well, including potential hazards and tricky spots. Zozo, for example, features water spouting out from the sewers which could spell trouble for any kart not able to dodge it. Big Bridge is lined with gates that periodically open and shut, directing racers down different pathways. And Gold Saucer has a very Rainbow Road-inspired design, complete with multi-colored floors and sections without guard rails.

Chocobo GP is developed and published by Square Enix. It will launch exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on March 10.

What tracks are you hoping to see in Chocobo GP? Which Final Fantasy settings do you want to kart race through? Let us know!

Via Eurogamer.

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