Bayonetta 3 gets a new intense and crazy story trailer

New characters? Returning favorites? Multiple versions of Bayonetta? The story of Bayonetta 3 is gonna be crazy...

With a series with as crazy a story as Bayonetta, you can expect the later games to ramp up the craziness tenfold. That’s not hard to expect when your initial premise is about a prolonged war between followers of the light and the dark featuring witches, angels, and demons. Yet it seems like PlatinumGames isn’t backing down on the ridiculousness with the story of Bayonetta 3.

A new story trailer reveals a few new plot threads that you can expect to unravel throughout the course of the game. From the looks of it, Bayonetta 3 will take on some darker themes with hard-hitting story beats and bizarre twists and turns. The four-minute trailer also gives us a look at some of the characters in action.

See that new trailer, dubbed The Witching Hour, below, courtesy of Nintendo UK on YouTube.

The story of Bayonetta 3 looks bonkers

We’ve only gotten a few tidbits of the story of Bayonetta 3 so far, but this new trailer gives us our deepest look yet. We’ve known since the reveal that the main enemies of the game are creatures which are “neither angel nor demon.” And following the events of the last game (which, as a reminder, featured time travel as a plot point), we can expect that the story will continue to get even crazier.

Some of the things you can expect in Bayonetta 3 include the continuing war between light and dark, with Bayonetta herself enlisting the help of new allies to help her conquer a new type of enemy. It seems like there’s a whole bunch of Bayonettas this time around, possibly the result of time or dimensional manipulation.

Bayonetta 3 will launch on Oct. 28 for the Nintendo Switch, costing $59.99 USD. What are you looking forward to most in the story? Let us know!

Via Nintendo UK on YouTube.

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