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Tell Nintendo if you want Bayonetta 3 on other platforms

Hideki Kamiya urges fans to send their requests to Nintendo.

Hideki Kamiya told fans on Twitter to contact Nintendo if they want Bayonetta 3 on other platforms.

Kamiya, the game’s executive director, clarified that Platinum Games is only developing the title. He states that Nintendo is solely responsible for funding the development and publishing the game. Therefore, Platinum Games had no say on the decision to make Bayonetta 3 a Nintendo exclusive.

Kamiya adds that if Nintendo wanted to publish Bayonetta 3 on another platform, they would have to make the decision and send the money to Platinum Games. He also implies that while the odds of that happening aren’t zero, it’s also not likely to happen. Kamiya says, “By the same theory, the possibility that Mario and Zelda can play on PS5 etc. is not zero.”

Kamiya’s Tweet comes in response to the outcry of Bayonetta fans wishing the series would once again be available on multiple platforms. SEGA published the first Bayonetta. Because of that, it was available on PlayStation and Xbox in addition to Nintendo. However, a new publishing deal was signed with Nintendo to publish the sequel. As a result, Bayonetta 2 was a Nintendo exclusive. The third game will also be exclusive to Nintendo.

More information about Bayonetta 3

Although fans were worried about the new game due to the lack of news since its initial reveal, new information finally surfaced at Nintendo Direct this year. However, there’s concern that voice actor Hellena Taylor may not reprise her role in the new game. A recent Tweet suggests that she’s leaving the series. The new gameplay trailer also appears to support this theory.

Bayonetta 3 launches as a Nintendo Switch exclusive in 2022. To learn more about the game, watch the recently revealed gameplay trailer below.

Via Kotaku

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