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Bayonetta voice actor Hellena Taylor hints departure from the series

This could be the end of an era for Bayonetta as we know her.

Replying to a fan on Twitter on September 12, Hellena Taylor hinted she may leave the Bayonetta series.

The voice actor for the character Bayonetta recently posted her appreciation for the fans she gained from the series. In response, one fan stated that he can’t imagine the character without her voice. Taylor’s response shocked and worried fans when she said, “Well you might have to.”

The comment led to a barrage of replies from fans asking for additional information. Taylor responded to some of the comments by stating that she cannot go into any further details. For now, however, there is no additional information whether Taylor will reprise her role in the highly anticipated Bayonetta 3.

The cryptic message by Taylor only adds to the shroud of mystery surrounding the new title. Since its announcement at the Game Awards 2017, fans have desperately been waiting to hear more information, only to be answered by silence. Recently, the series creator Hideki Kamiya stated that developer PlatinumGames would love to show off their work, but they are not at liberty to do so at this time.

As of now, however, the only available information about Bayonetta 3 is that PlatinumGames is developing it for the Nintendo Switch. Additionally, the only other information for the game resides in its initial teaser trailer.

With the possibility that Taylor may not return as the series’ beloved witch, fans are more concerned than ever about the development of Bayonetta 3. There is no word on what fans can expect from the new game, aside from that it exists. Hopefully, more information will come sooner rather than later. As it does, you can count on the team at Mega Visions to provide updates.

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