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New Bayonetta 3 footage shows off new protagonist Viola

With her slower speed and raw power, Viola looks like she can dish out the damage even in her untrained state.

We’ve been gearing up for the third game in the Bayonetta franchise set to launch later this month. The titular Umbra Witch returns for another angel-slaying adventure, this time with another companion by her side. New character Viola joins the fray in Bayonetta 3, bringing a fresh face to the series as Bayonetta’s trusty companion.

Viola is a rookie Umbra Witch still learning how to control her slaying powers. She wields a slick sword and can summon her demon familiar Cheshire to dish out more pain. And up until now, we haven’t had the chance to see her in action.

However, the editors at Game Informer released a video with exclusive footage showing Viola in combat. See that gameplay footage below, courtesy of Game Informer on YouTube.

Viola the rookie angel slayer kicks butt in Bayonetta 3

Ever since Viola was first announced, players have been wondering what she’d play like. As an Umbra Witch in training, her skills aren’t as refined as our favorite demon slayer. However, she more than makes up for that in sheer power.

In the field, Viola is overall slower than Bayonetta in terms of movement and attack speed. She also doesn’t have access to some of Bayonetta’s skills like the Demon Masquerade or Demon Slave mechanics. Yet she has access to some incredible power on her side, dishing out more damage with her attacks. Also of note is her demon summon Cheshire which can fight alongside Viola, letting her keep in the action alongside the creatures of the night.

You’ll be able to strap into Viola’s shoes when Bayonetta 3 launches on Oct. 28. It will release exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. This trailer also reveals that fan-favorite characters Luka and Enzo will return as part of the story.

What do you think of this footage of Viola in Bayonetta 3? Are you looking forward to playing as her when the game drops? Let us know!

Via Game Informer on YouTube.

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