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Bayonetta 3 release date confirmed for October 28

The witch is back: head back into the angel-hunting shoes of Bayonetta when the third game drops this October.

It’s the news you’ve all been waiting for: Bayonetta 3 finally has a confirmed release date. After years of delays, scarce info, and finally some trailers with the vague promise of a 2022 release, we know when our favorite witch will be back on the scene. Bayonetta 3 will launch for the Nintendo Switch on Oct. 28.

A new trailer today showed off some gameplay and cinematics, giving us a taste of what’s to come. Excited fans were no-doubt laser focused on the release date, but Bayonetta 3 promises the same violent, sexy spectacle we’ve come to expect.

See the (age-restricted) release date trailer below, courtesy of Nintendo on YouTube.

The Bayonetta 3 release date is close — here’s what we know

Bayonetta 3 promises to deliver the same stylized action we’ve come to expect from the series. It centers around the titular witch (which some have speculated is not the original Bayonetta thanks to the change in voice actress) annihilating angels fallen from heaven.

A new feature announced today for Bayonetta 3 is the new Naive Angel mode, which severely tones down the game’s nudity. Turning this optional mode on adds clothes to characters where they otherwise wouldn’t — something I’m sure countless Bayonetta fans are vehemently against. Still, this will open the game up to plenty of players who would otherwise dismiss it. (I personally wish the name wasn’t so condescending, but regardless, it’s a welcome feature.)

The game will be receiving a physical edition as well, dubbed the Trinity Masquerade Edition. It includes a 200-page artbook and three special game sleeves. Another big announcement is that the original Bayonetta is getting a limited physical release — more details on this to come.

Bayonetta 3 is developed by PlatinumGames and published by Nintendo. It will launch exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on Oct. 28. Are you excited to dip your toes into this latest Bayonetta installment? Let us know!

Via YouTube.

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