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10 must-have characters if we ever got a SEGA vs Capcom fighting game crossover

What's your dream SEGA vs. Capcom match?

Last week, Mortal Kombat creator Ed Boon tweeted serious interest in a SEGA vs. Capcom game. Following Boon’s post, fan-interest in the subject exploded in popularity. Although neither SEGA nor Capcom expressed any interest in collaborating on a fighting game to this point, the concept remains exciting.

Ed Boon calls for a SEGA Vs. Capcom game

Which characters should be in a SEGA vs. Capcom fighting game?

However, since both SEGA and Capcom have a deep history that stretches across numerous franchises and console generations, it poses a very interesting question: Which characters should be in a potential SEGA vs. Capcom fighting game crossover?

Well, here are 10 characters (five from each company) we feel should make the roster if the game ever happens!

Sonic the Hedgehog (SEGA)

Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic the Hedgehog

We’re going to start this list with SEGA’s most obvious choice. When most people (even non-gamers) here the word “SEGA”, the Blue Blur is usually the first character that pops into their heads. It’s for good reason too! Sonic is SEGA’s mascot, and making a big crossover game like SEGA Vs. Capcom without him would be unthinkable.

Apart from Sonic’s mainstream popularity, the Blue Blur would make a great addition due to his speedster abilities. Although Sonic is most-known for his legendary platformer series Sonic the Hedgehog, he has a history of brawling it out in fighting games as well. Look at his appearances in Super Smash Bros. and his own game Sonic the Fighters. Utilizing Sonic’s quickness in fighting games is always fun and gives playing the character a distinct gameplay style.

Mega Man (Capcom)

Mega Man SEGA vs. Capcom
Mega Man

Another gaming mascot from the 2D-platform era, Mega Man is another no-brainer for a SEGA and Capcom crossover. With games dating back to 1987, the fighting robot has a rich history within Capcom’s library, making his inclusion just as mandatory as Sonic. Additionally, putting the two one-on-one, mascot vs. mascot, would be a dream come true for many retro gamers.

Alongside Mega Man’s legendary status as a gaming icon, he also boasts some fun abilities for a fighting game. One such ability is the potential for ranged attacks with his signature arm cannon. In addition, Mega Man also has a fighting game history ranging from the Marvel Vs. Capcom games to Super Smash Bros..

Kazuma Kiryu (SEGA)

Could you really have a SEGA vs. Capcom game without the face of the Yakuza series? Kazuma Kiryu is a dangerous, yet disciplined, yakuza who served as the longest-running protagonist in the series. His status in one of SEGA’s biggest franchises would make not including him, well, criminal.

Kazuma Kiryu from Yakuza
Kazuma Kiryu

In addition, The Dragon of Dojima boasts impressive martial arts abilities that make him more than worthy for a fighting game of this magnitude. From his mastery of Komaki techniques to a serious of stylized finishers, there are plenty of ways Kazuma Kiryu can lay an opponent out. Thanks to Kiryu’s combat skills, he would make for an excellent addition to SEGA’s team.

Jill Valentine (Capcom)

Jill Valentine from Resident Evil
Jill Valentine

The STARS veteran Jill Valentine dates back to the first game in Capcom’s arguably most popular franchise Resident Evil. Though there’s plenty of RE characters who would fare well to join Capcom’s team in a crossover, Jill Valentine’s history from the first and third games, make her the best choice. To survive both the zombie-infested Spencer Mansion and streets of Raccoon City takes a lot of skill and cements her legacy within the franchise.

In addition, her combat abilities and survival instincts make Valentine a dangerous adversary to do battle with. To say Jill Valentine is tough would be an understatement. Any of SEGA’s best fighters would have a difficult time turning her into a “Jill Sandwich”. Besides, if she can go toe-to-toe against Tyrant and Nemesis, any SEGA fighter would need to be worried.

Bayonetta (SEGA)

From one femme-fatale to another, SEGA’s dangerous heroine Bayonetta is a worthy threat to any of Capcom’s offerings. Also known by her birth name Cereza, Bayonetta is the titular character of the popular hack-and-slash series. With a third game currently in the works, her status as a modern gaming icon make her a welcome addition to a SEGA vs. Capcom game roster.

Bayonetta SEGA vs. Capcom

With a variety of attacks that combine magic, melee and firearms this witch seriously packs a punch. Whether she’s armed with the living katana Shuraba or using her Beast Within abilities, Bayonetta’s moves give her the potential to be a go-to character for many players in a SEGA and Capcom crossover. Like other characters on this list, Bayonetta also has experience battling against other gaming icons with her Super Smash Bros. inclusion.

Frank West (Capcom)

He’s covered wars, you know. That’s right, the photo-journalist who stars in Capcom’s other zombie franchise Dead Rising would make a great addition to a SEGA vs. Capcom crossover game. His wit, attitude, perseverance and creative weapon choices would make Frank West a great addition to the roster.

Frank West from Dead Rising
Frank West

With a zombie kill-count of unfathomable numbers, West accumulated quite the set of combat skills that could translate well to a fighting game. From using random objects as weapons to utilizing martial arts and wrestling skills, Frank West is a jack-of-all trades in fighting. And don’t forget about West’s inclusion within Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3!

Joker (SEGA)

Joker from Persona 5 SEGA vs. Capcom

The highly popular protagonist from Persona 5 would also make a great addition for SEGA’s roster in a collaboration with Capcom. The leader of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, Joker quickly grew to become a fan-favorite of the entire Persona franchise. In addition, the teenage vigilante’s Wild Card Persona grants him some cool powers that would be fun to use in a fighting game.

One of Joker’s most unique assets is his ability to hold more than one Persona at a time and fuse them together. His unique supernatural powers would make him a fun character to play in a potential SEGA vs. Capcom game. And should it really come as a shock that Joker also has fighting game experience as a DLC character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

Dante (Capcom)

Capcom’s very own demon hunger Dante is another legendary character that could help beef up a SEGA vs. Capcom roster. The main character from the Devil May Cry series, Dante’s legacy as a paranormal mercenary, private eye and vigilante devil hunter make the character a classic for the hack-and-slash genre. With a history of battling it out against some of the most fearsome demons ever imagined, Dante would be a formidable opponent to anyone on Team SEGA.

Dante from Devil May Cry

In addition, the use of guns, swords and superhuman demon abilities, Dante’s combat versatility would make him excellent to play as. And if that’s not enough reason to include Dante, don’t forget he also already entered the world of SEGA through the game Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne. In the game, players face the devil hunter twice in boss fights, before getting the opportunity to recruit him to your party at the entrance of the Fifth Kalpa.

Vectorman (SEGA)

Vectorman SEGA vs. Capcom

As opposed to some of the other characters on this list, Vectorman may not be as iconic or popular. However, that doesn’t disqualify the heroic orbot from representing SEGA in a crossover game. The titular character in the SEGA Genesis game of the same name, Vectorman would prove a worthy character to stand up to Capcom’s heroes. Specifically, a dream SEGA vs. Capcom matchup would see Vectorman go one-on-one with Mega Man.

Beyond that, Vectorman would also just be fun in general to control. Apart from his signature ball gun, Vectorman also has the ability to transform into different forms. He can become anything from a drill to a bomb, and he even can become aquatic. These abilities would make for some interesting moves in a fighting game. But, ultimately, Vectorman is a deep-cut SEGA character who truly deserves a bigger spotlight. And what better way to do it than in a huge crossover fighting game?

Ryu (Capcom)

Ryo Hazuki

You honestly didn’t think I’d leave out the face of Street Fighter, did you? Of course not; I’m just saving the best for last. It wouldn’t even be possible to have a Capcom fighting game without Ryu! The experienced martial artist is not only one of the most recognizable faces in Capcom, but he’s also one of the most recognizable characters in the fighting game genre.

With Street Fighter‘s status as one of the premiere fighting games of all time, Ryu comes in with the most experience in the world of fighting games. The highly-focused and skilled fighter, would give any of SEGA’s characters a run for their money. With a wide array of attacks, including his devastating ultimate move Shinku Hadoken, Ryu would certainly lead the charge for Capcom’s team of fighters.

Could we ever see a SEGA vs. Capcom fighting game?

As of now, a SEGA vs. Capcom fighting game crossover only exists in fans’ minds. But could it ever actually come into fruition? The answer is possibly, depending on the demand for it. After all, the video game industry is a business, and every business’s main goal is to make money. Therefore, with enough fan-interest, there is a possibility the companies will see enough dollar signs to create this dream title.

In addition, both SEGA and Capcom have a history of collaborating with other companies on games. Capcom not only worked with Marvel Comics on numerous occasions, but they also created fighting games with other companies as well. SEGA even collaborated on titles such as Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games with longtime rival Nintendo. Plus, SEGA and Capcom already have a precedent of working together via the Mega Man and Sonic comic book series.

As a result, it’s safe to say there’s already a precedent for both companies to work together. However, for now, all we can still do is dream. If the game ever does exist, though, do you agree with my list? And what other characters from each company should join the roster? As always, let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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