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You can now use the Steam Deck as a Wii U gamepad

A guide by Steam Deck HQ lets you play Wii U games on the Steam Deck — complete with gyro controls.

We’ve covered a lot of fun, awesome emulation projects at Mega Visions before. Everything from playing PlayStation 2 games in your browser to playing N64 games with ray tracing and 60 FPS has been done, and done swimmingly. But now there’s another project that deserves your attention: using the Steam Deck as a Wii U GamePad.

The recently-released Steam Deck will likely be a hotbed for emulators. It’s essentially a fairly open PC that just happens to be a handheld device. So it’s not surprising that people would eventually port emulators to the Steam Deck, and this project by Steam Deck HQ is the latest to hit the scene.

That’s cool enough on its own. However, the best part about this is that you can also activate gyro controls on the Steam Deck while using the emulator. Thus, your Steam Deck can essentially act as a second Wii U console — specifically, the Wii U GamePad. It’s that level of synergy between emulator and hardware that makes this a truly special project.

See it in action below, courtesy of Steam Deck HQ on Twitter:

Running a Wii U game on your Steam Deck

In all honestly, bringing Wii U emulation to this system isn’t the real kicker. This project is based off of an existing emulator (Cemu) and the Steam Deck is not much more than a handheld PC machine. It was only natural that developers would bring existing emulators onto the Steam Deck at some point.

What we’re really excited about is the gyroscope controls. Steam Deck HQ configured the Steam Deck to apply gyroscopic controls to Cemu. When combined with the dual-screen compatibility of Cemu, it truly feels like playing a Wii U on your Steam console.

You can learn how to install Cemu on your own Steam Deck here, and how to configure the gyro controls for Cemu here.

What do you think of this project? Which Wii U games will you play on your Steam Deck? Let us know!

Via Eurogamer.

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