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Yars: Recharged announced for Atari 50th anniversary

Welcome back to the Atari 2600 smash hit!

Atari marks its 50th anniversary this year—which, of course, means celebration. They have many goodies in store for Atari fans, but their latest surprise comes in the form of a game. You may remember playing this title way back in 1982. Look forward reliving Yars Recharged, a reimagination of the game Yars’ Revenge.

Yars: Recharged draws you into a flow-inducing state

Infusing the classic elements of arcade, shoot-‘em-up, and bullet hell, Yars: Recharged remakes the 1982 classic. Yars Revenge. Its 80’s release makes the game a lovely 40 years old.  The same team behind Atari Recharged, Adamvision Studios and SneakyBox, took on this nostalgic project. Studio Digital Eclipse designed the Yars reimagination, as well as the Game Boy Color version back in 1999, while Atari Recharged veteran Megan McDuffee composed the original soundtrack. As Atari’s best-selling original game for the Atari 2600, it’s no wonder they wanted to bring it back.

This game is a fully modern update to the original. Find pockets of safety before you zip out and dodge projectiles and weaken enemy shields in order to power up the Zorlon Cannon. Enemies won’t be able to withstand the searing golden energy from your destructive weapon. With intense visual focus and audio cues, navitage complex enemy defenses as you make your way through the game. If you need a buddy, play with a friend in the two player co-op mode.

When does the game release?

Unfortunately there is no official release date for Yars: Recharged quite yet. However, we do know it comes to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Atari VCS. Hopefully the wait for the reimagination of this nostalgic game won’t be too long. Until then, Asteroids Recharged will have to tide you over for old retro favorite cravings.

Be sure to keep an eye out on the game official website for future news, and look out for more surprises involving the Atari 50th anniversary, as there’s sure to be more!

Erin Vieira

Writer, artist, cosplayer, D&D player, Final Fantasy lover, and Bayonetta enthusiast Erin Vieira says that although they were born amongst mortals, someday they will exist as an unknown entity of the void. There will still be video games there, of course.
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