Yakuza series sells over 2 million units on PC

The ever-growing Yakuza series continues to rake in the cash.

SEGA’s crime drama Yakuza series ported to PC back in 2019. Already rising as a critical success on its previous platforms, the series reached further commercial success according to its publishers. In the latest SEGA management meeting document, the document reveals over 2 million units sold for the series’ PC port.

How has Yazkua been so successful?

SEGA’s management meeting document uses Yakuza as an example for its growth strategy for IPs. The company attests the success of its sales due to its promotion of “global, multi-platform, and multilingual support”. No doubt they’ve been making the right moves, because they certainly have the numbers to back this up.

“We recorded quite strong sales results with unit sales of approximately 2.80 million units worldwide.”

Other strategies the company has put in place for the series includes releasing spin-off titles, the strength of their digital marketing, and the accessibility of the series through the Xbox Game Pass. Lost Judgement notably had a simultaneous global release, which SEGA reports resulted in a 76% increase of Western sales. They also note Yakuza: Kiwami, the remake series, helped “recall the history of the series” in reaching both old and new fans.

SEGA management meeting slide for strategic roll-out of Yakuza

“I think we have been able to add more depth as an IP,” the presentation adds at the end of its slide.

Want it for yourself?

The Yakuza series seems to be on the right path. Through SEGA’s different marketing techniques, game releases, and partnerships, the series amassed a large amount of PC sales and continues to grow as an IP. Currently, the series is part of the Steam Winter Sale, with its bundle being 65% off of its original price. For three of the games at $24.72, it seems like a hard price to pass up. If you’re interested in the series yourself, you can bring those 2 million units just a little higher.

Via, NME.

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