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Two Mega Man Neo Geo games head to Nintendo eShop

Originally a Japan exclusive, the Neo Geo Pocket Color compilation Rockman Battle & Fighters has arrived on Switch.

Surprise: two Japan-exclusive Mega Man games just dropped on the Nintendo eShop! Out of nowhere, Capcom and SNK released the Neo Geo Pocket Color ports of Mega Man: The Power Battle and Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters on the Nintendo Switch.

These two games are essentially a boss battle collection, letting you play as multiple characters against classic Robot Masters. They were originally released in Japanese arcades, but were later released for the Neo Geo Pocket Color as Rockman Battle & Fighters. It never received a release outside of Japan, however — until today, that is.

Now, Switch owners globally can get their hands on these elusive titles. Mega Man Battle & Fighters is available now on the Nintendo Switch eShop in the U.S. and Europe. This looks to be a direct port of the Japanese version with no English translation, however..

Mega Man NEO GEO Pocket Color

What are these Mega Man Neo Geo games?

Mega Man: The Power Battle and The Power Fighters strip the classic formula to just the iconic boss battles. You can play as four separate characters: Mega Man, Proto Man, Bass, and Duo.

Whoever you’ll choose, you’ll be pitted against a series of Robot Masters in whatever order you want and gain a new weapon from each one, encouraging you to strategize based on boss weaknesses. Standard Mega Man stuff, but its boss-focused gameplay and first appearance of Duo from Mega Man 8 give it some noteworthy additions.

Mega Man Battle & Fighters is available now on the Nintendo Switch eShop for $7.99 USD / £7.19 GBP. Have you played these Mega Man Neo Geo Pocket Color games before? If not, will you be playing them now? Let us know!

Via Nintendo Life.

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