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Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection coming to consoles and PC

The collection compiles all 10 games in the series and will be available for consoles and PC via Steam in 2023.

Following the success of Mega Man Legacy Collection, which compiled the 10 classic Mega Man games, fans wondered what would be next. Later collections for the X and Zero / ZX games sparked the question: would the Mega Man Battle Network games be next? Well, looks like we’ll be diving back into the Net before long.

Announced today at the Nintendo Partner Mini Direct, Capcom is releasing the Battle Network Legacy Collection in 2023 for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam. The collection contains all six games in the franchise, with both versions of Battle Network 3 through 6 present. It will include several extra features, including new visual filters, an art gallery, and a sound / music test.

See the trailer for the collection below, courtesy of the official Mega Man YouTube channel:

All about Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection

This latest Mega Man collection contains 10 titles, though technically the last four games in the series have two versions apiece. Below are the games you’ll be able to play:

  • Battle Network
  • Battle Network 2
  • Battle Network 3 White / Blue
  • Battle Network 4 Red Sun / Blue Moon
  • Battle Network 5 Team Protoman / Team Colonel
  • Battle Network 6 Cybeast Gregar / Cybeast Falzar

While it sounds like there will be a physical version of this collection (at least for consoles), we don’t have any details on this yet. Capcom did confirm that just like the Mega Man and Mega Man X collections, the digital release will be split into two bundles. There will be a selection of visual filters that you can turn on or off at your pleasure, a Gallery containing over 1,000 pieces of concept art and character sketches, and a Music Player containing over 180 tracks from all 10 games.

Are you going to pick up the Battle Network Legacy Collection when it launches next year? Which game are you most excited to dive into? Let us know!

Via Games Press.

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