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Toys For Bob promises more Crash Bandicoot ‘very soon’

Wump start the hype train: Crash Bandicoot is coming back. Again. Yeah, that kind of loses its punch after the first two or three times it’s happened these past few years, doesn’t it?

All joking aside, our favourite lunatic marsupial has enjoyed an absolute banger of a comeback after the N Sane Trilogy hit shelves to ravenous reception in 2017, and this fan of the Aussie ace couldn’t be happier. Since the remaster, we’ve had Crash Team Racing Nitro Fuelled, which quite frankly put Team Sonic Racing in its place with the sorest of smacked rears; a decent enough mobile runner; and even the long-awaited Crash 4, which thankfully averted the curse of ‘fourth games developed by a different studio always suck’ perpetuated by such stinkers as Sonic 4 and Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly. Sure, some folks didn’t get on with its ball-busting difficulty and absurd crate placement, but me? Masochist that I am? Adored the thing. More, please.

Look at this. I must be absolutely out of my mind.

And it looks like more is what I’ll be getting. Toys For Bob, the studio whose name I for some reason find very, very appealing, and who have become more or less the custodians of Crash, have promised he’ll be returning ‘soon’. As NintendoLife reports, speaking in a video produced for Crashworth’s (seriously) 25th anniversary, co-studio heads Paul Yan and Avery Lodato “reflect on Crash’s history – celebrating his time in the spotlight as one of gaming’s greatest icons, while thanking fans for their support over the years.” Towards the end of the short video message, Lodato says we’ll be seeing more of Crash “very soon”.

Knowing what we now know about Activision, I’d be amazed if there isn’t a gun barrel poking in just off shot.

Naturally, this could entail absolutely anything – a new mobile game, a toyline, even a TV show. Anything. But since this is Toys For Bob we’re dealing with, who to my knowledge aren’t television producers, it’s a pretty safe bet it’s something console game related. So fans should feel no shame belting themselves in for another round of leaping, twirling, controller chucking action.

Crash 5: Please Try and Forget the PS2 Era Happened beckons?

Are you excited about the prospect of another Crash game? Let us know!

Via, Nintendo Life.

Bobby Mills

Motor-mouthed Brit with a decades long - well, two decades, at least - passion for gaming. Writer, filmmaker, avid lover of birthdays. Still remembers the glory days of ONM. May it rest in peace.

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