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ToeJam and Earl IIRCade hits pre-order for nearly $600

OK, quick market test here. How many of you like ToeJam and Earl? Put your hands down, kiddywinks, this one’s not for you; they’re a strictly 90s phenomenon, and you certainly won’t have seen them much, wandering around TokTik or playing the ChatSnaps or whatever you’re all into nowadays. With their too-unwarm-for-education attitude and permanently reversed caps, they’re pretty loyally married to the decade that spawned them, but that’s precisely why their eccentric charm endures with so many; they’re a vessel for both good-natured derision and time-capsule nostalgia.

Shades during gameplay are not required, but are highly recommended. That retina-blasting colour palette is a killer.

IIRCade background

So, to return to the question: how many of you like ToeJam and Earl? Quick count… alright. Now, second enquiry – of those who said ‘me’, how many of you have 600 bucks going spare to spend on a bit of ToeJam and Earl merchaaaand there goes everyone. Right out the door. Not a massive amount of crossover there, then, which is rather unfortunate as the focus of today’s story sits squarely in the spot where you’ll find those two particular Venn diagrams fervently Frenching.

IIRCade – manufacturers of upmarket, modern arcade machines that emulate some of gaming’s most cherished classics while delivering many of today’s niceties and conveniences – are putting out a TJ ‘n E version. Their website declares, somewhat ostentatiously: “iiRcade is a next generation arcade gaming console that provides immersive and adrenaline pumping arcade gaming experiences never-before-seen. Equipped with crisp 19” HD display, 100W of powerful stereo sound, premium arcade controllers in a premium arcade cabinet, it’s the most incredible arcade gaming you will have ever experienced!” And, unless you’re extremely lucky and happen to live in an area that hasn’t totally excised the concept, probably the only one you’ll have experienced in some time. Makes one weep.

Neat idea, but I ain’t lugging a generator out there to the beach. Next they’ll invent a telephone they expect you to carry around places.

How much does this ToeJam and Earl arcade cost?

Their ToeJam and Earl: Back in the Groove machine is going for a cool $599.99 (slashed from a staggering $799.99 – wow, why weren’t people biting?!) and sports a funky, tropical-lookin’ aesthetic. You’ll be able to play the duo’s outing in clean high definition, and with authentic Sanwa controls to boot. Punters will also be treated to 128GB of storage; If you’re of a technological mindset you’ll no doubt be able to emulate a ton of other stuff on there too, something the company actually fully supports.

Personally speaking, you’d have to pry that kind of money from my cold, dead ‘ands. For those with the cash to burn (and space in their living room) this would certainly be an interesting purchase. It’d make for a fun talking point at parties; at least until someone vomits over it or spills a sticky drink on it, gumming it up forever. Now that’s the real arcade experience.

Will you be fronting the 600 smackeroos for the machine? Let us know!

Via, IIRCade.

Bobby Mills

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