This Final Fantasy Terra statue costs over $11,000

It's a beautiful statue, but the ridiculous price tag has many — including the series' creator — shocked.

You know if you’ve done any figure collecting how expensive it can be. There’s a myriad of figures and statues that certain fans go gaga over, to the point of wanting to throw thousands of dollars at them. Such is the case with a new statue by Square Enix depicting Final Fantasy VI protagonist Terra in her Magitek armor.

The statue is part of the Square Enix Masterline set, which also hosts a NieR: Automata statue. It’s two-and-a-half feet tall, weighs 75 pounds, and costs over $11,000 USD. And while it’s a beautiful piece of art, that price squarely puts it out of reach for most Final Fantasy fans.

It’s even got series creator Hironobu Sakaguchi worried. He took to Twitter to address his concerns with the statue, pondering if Square Enix was “okay.” Just judging on this price, that’s pretty up in the air.

See a trailer for the statue below, featuring an interview with Final Fantasy series artist Yoshitaka Amano, courtesy of Square Enix on YouTube.

Bringing the Final Fantasy Terra statue to life

This statue measures 78 cm x 58 cm x 66 cm and weighs a whopping 34.2 kg. (That’s about 75 lbs!) Featuring Terra in her Magitek armor complete with a Moogle and Final Fantasy VI nameplate, it’s a sight to behold. Which makes the steep price all the more agonizing.

Now, let’s set the record straight: on its own, this is an absolutely gorgeous statue and the artistry is incredible. The level of detail taken to render the iconic image of Terra in her Magitek armor is nothing short of astonishing, and any Final Fantasy fan can appreciate that. But it’s also astonishing how incredulous the price tag is. Not that you’d expect an intricate two-and-a-half feet tall statue like this to be cheap, but a five-digit asking price (in USD) catapults this far out of range for all but the most dedicated of collectors.

If you DO have the spare money lying around, you can see the store page for the statue here.

What do you think of this Final Fantasy Terra statue? Would you pick it up if you had the money to spare? Let us know!

Via Kotaku.

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