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The Steam Deck is finally beginning its launch in February

Emails containing order information will be sent out to reservation holders beginning February 25th.

If you’ve been waiting for the chance to order your Steam Deck, you may not have to wait long! Starting February 25th, Valve will send out the first set of order emails to those who already hold reservations. Originally planned to launch in December, the Steam Deck is now being prepped to ship next month following a delay caused by supply chain issues.

Users who have already reserved the Steam Deck will receive their emails on a first-come-first-serve basis. Even if you haven’t put your name down yet, you can still reserve a spot on the notification calendar.

The Steam Deck was originally announced in July 2021, being Valve’s first portable gaming console that integrates natively with Steam. Three models will be available with different storage capacities: the $399 USD base model which has 64GB of storage, the $529 model with 256GB of storage, and the $649 model with 512GB of storage. More information on the Steam Deck and its features can be found here.

Steam Deck Launch Console

How the Steam Deck launch will work

Already reserved the Steam Deck? Valve will send out emails to those registered in the order they were received in. Press units will also begin shipping out for review shortly. If you haven’t reserved a seat on the waiting list, you can do so on the Steam Deck order page here. As of writing, the expected time of shipping for new reservations is after Q2 2022.

In preparation for the launch, Valve has also updated its Source engine with a new menu and UI designed specifically for the Steam Deck. The update has already been applied to Half-Life 2 and its two follow-ups Episode 1 and Episode 2. We expect other Source engine games will receive the same treatment.

Are you planning to reserve a Steam Deck following its launch? Let us know!

Via GameSpot.

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