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The quest to rid Metal Gear of nukes ended in failure

It seems that for the Metal Gear Solid V playerbase, peace was never really an option.

One of the core themes of Metal Gear is the prolongation of war by increasing quantities of devastating weaponry. Its titular mechanical armament is a key example, but even the humble nuclear device (as humble as an atom bomb can be, anyway) plays a key part in the overarching story. Nukes are the enemy of any Metal Gear protagonist — and, as it turns out, the players as well.

In Metal Gear Solid V’s multiplayer mode, a key objective was stockpiling nukes for your own forward operating base and stealing / deactivating them from other players’ FOBs. But the designers also hid a secret cutscene that would play if every single player on the console deactivated their nukes. Unfortunately, while it was technically achieved on the PlayStation 3 version, it seems that Konami doesn’t count it as a legitimate victory.

See the history of trying to unlock this cutscene below, courtesy of DidYouKnowGaming? on YouTube.

Clearing the Metal Gear universe of nukes… or not?

Ever since the secret cutscene was datamined, a group called the Anti-Nuke Gang attempted to unlock it legitimately. They ran into a problem, however; nukes on banned Metal Gear Online accounts still counted towards the overall total. Since they had no way to legitimately destroy those nukes, the Anti-Nuke Gang had only one option: exploits.

Using cheats, the Anti-Nuke Gang got the cutscene to play for PS3 users. Players celebrated it as a victory at the time, but Konami executives disagreed with the diagnosis. The company doesn’t consider it a true accomplishment because the Anti-Nuke Gang used exploits to unlock it. And because of the issue with banned accounts storing unreachable nukes, it seems it will never truly happen after all.

A team of dedicated individuals seeking to rid the entire world of nuclear devices and having to resort to extreme means to do so, only to be thwarted by a major corporation who rigged the game to be impossible? It’s an appropriately Metal Gear ending to this story.

What do you think of this quest to eliminate the nukes in Metal Gear Solid V? Let us know!

Via PC Gamer.

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