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The full list of classic SEGA games in Lost Judgment

Take a break from detective work and enjoy a massive catalogue of iconic SEGA classics.

Lost Judgment, the highly anticipated sequel to Judgment, arrives this Friday! The new game once again follows private detective Takayuki Yagami as he solves a new mystery. The story thrusts players into the middle of a gritty crime narrative. Investigating further leads you right into the criminal underbelly of Japan. However, as dark and grounded as the story may be, Lost Judgment will once again allow players to take a break and enjoy some classic SEGA titles.

Like 2019’s Judgment, there are a number of arcades you can visit in the open world featuring many classic games. However, this time around, SEGA will also give players the opportunity to play a variety of retro titles from the Master System. Here are all of the retro games you can play in Lost Judgment.

Arcade Games in Lost Judgment

Space Harrier

This 1985 arcade shooter sees you take on the role of Harrier. The goal of this game is to take out as many enemies as you can while avoiding obstacles and enemy fire. The game is iconic in SEGA’s library and is often cited for helping put the company on the map.

Super Hang-On

The arcade motorcycle racing game from 1987 is the sequel to Hang-On. In the game, you have to be precise in your steering in order to avoid hitting other players or going off the track. The goal is to make it across the four stages across a series of continents before the time limit runs out. Each stage has a higher difficulty class, increasing the challenge of beating the clock.

Fantasy Zone

Fantasy Zone is a unique arcade shooter from 1986. What sets this game apart from other titles in the genre is its cute and adorable visual design. In this game, you play as a tiny spaceship named Opa-Opa as you take out a series of enemies and bosses. You can upgrade the ship over the course of the game. While the game may appear like a bubblegum shooter, some of the enemies can be pretty tough.

Fighting Vipers

Would the arcade list truly be complete without this classic 1995 fighting game? I think not. Fighting Vipers gives the player and their opponents armor that can explode off their bodies if you deal enough damage. The endings to any fight can be just as explosive if you hit a strong final attack that sends your opponent crashing through the wall.

Sonic The Fighters

SEGA’s mascot enters Lost Judgment’s catalogue of arcade classics with this 1996 fighting game. The creators of Virtua Fighter and Fighting Vipers developed this Sonic title, putting a cartoonish twist on the 3D fighting game formula.

Motor Raid

1997’s Motor Raid is the second motorcycle-themed racing game to join the arcade roster. In this game, however, you have the ability to knock out your opponents as you race your futuristic bike.

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown

This is the most modern of all the arcade games featured in Lost Judgment. 2010’s Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown is a highly regarded entry in SEGA’s Virtua Fighter series. You get to take on six opponents before challenging the final boss Dural in the game’s single player mode.

HAMA of the DEAD

Image shown is from KAMURO of the DEAD

The original Judgment featured KAMURO of the DEAD, a unique spin on classic shooter House of the Dead. Once again, Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio plans to put a new version of the legendary zombie shooter in the form of HAMMA of the DEAD.

Master System Games in Lost Judgment

Alex Kidd in Miracle World

Before Sonic, SEGA had Alex Kidd. This retro platformer from 1986 returns as a playable minigame in Lost Judgment. Throughout the game, you’ll need to bash blocks and enemies. The goal is to defeat the final boss Janken the Great and his army of henchmen.

Fantasy Zone

Yes, both versions of this colorful shooter are playable in Lost Judgment. The Master System version downsizes a tad from its arcade counterpart, while still retaining the original’s charm and cuteness. In addition, Fantasy Zone for the Master System includes two new bosses not present in the arcade.

Penguin Land

This title from 1987 is an action puzzler that allows you to play as an adorable little penguin. The goal of this game is to navigate across stages by breaking blocks and avoiding enemies to return a fragile egg safely back home.


This run-and-gun shooter from 1987 sees the player take on an army of robots. Throughout the game, you’ll shoot your way through numerous enemies to reach new levels and defeat a boss. The goal is to retake your base from the robotic intruders.

Enduro Racer

The 1987 Master System racing game allows you to drive through a series of stages on a dirt bike to reach the finish. The game features a unique isometric perspective as you race your bike and avoid numerous obstacles. You also have the ability to choose different paths whenever the road forks.

Woody Pop

Woody Pop is an action puzzler similar to the classic Atari game Breakout. In this game, you must scroll back and forth and bounce a ball that takes out enemies and breaks blocks. The game features 50 levels to complete in order to defeat the Mad Machine.

Maze Hunter 3-D

This Master System classic from 1988 sees the player traverse a series of mazes in a top-down perspective. Throughout the game, you’ll encounter a variety of enemies that you’ll need to dodge or destroy. In addition, mystery boxes containing keys are hidden throughout the mazes as you complete your journey.

Secret Command

The game Rambo-inspired Master System classic is a top-down shooter, where you must take out an army of enemies in their stronghold. Various versions of Secret Command exist. North American versions of the game are directly tied to Rambo: First Blood Part II, whereas in other regions, the main character’s name was changed to Ashura.

DLC Master System Games


The first of the DLC minigames added to the Master System is Sagaia. This game is a side-scrolling shooter that sees the player defeat a barrage of enemies threatening the planet Darius. You control the Silverhawk peacekeeper vessel in an effort to save the planet from the daunting foes.

Fantasy Zone II: The Tears of Opa-Opa

Fantasy Zone fans will be delighted to hear that in addition to two versions of the first game being included, the sequel on the Master System will join Lost Judgment as DLC. This 1987 game allows players to once again play as Opa-Opa as you shoot your way through a series of stages to defend the city from the Blackhearts.

Alien Syndrome

The 1987 top-down shooter for the Master System will also be added as DLC content for Lost Judgment. In this game, you play as a guy named Ricky who must shoot his way through a series of alien invaders to rescue hostages.

Global Defense

The final DLC title coming to Lost Judgment is 1987’s Global Defense. In this shooter, you have to operate a satellite armed with a powerful laser cannon to save Earth from enemy missiles.

About Lost Judgment and where to pre-order

Lost Judgment

Lost Judgment is the sequel to 2019’s Judgment. The game is developed by Ryu ga Gotoku Studio and published by SEGA. The game releases this Friday, September 24 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One. To learn more, check out everything we know about Lost Judgment.

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GameStop exclusive version of the game is also available to pre-order and comes with a collectible steelbook case along with the base game.

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