Sonic co-creator Yuji Naka is still upset at Square Enix

There's still bad blood between Naka and Square Enix

Sonic co-creator Yuji Naka took to Twitter on Tuesday to vent his frustrations with Square Enix.

Naka’s distaste for the AAA publisher stems from a partnership between the companies that fell apart. Previously, Square Enix signed Naka on as Project Director for a game called Balan Wonderworld. However, the publisher pulled him off the project, leading to Naka filing a lawsuit for his treatment.

Now, even with the dust, and legal stuff, settled from the suit, Naka still holds resent. With the freedom to vent, Naka goes into detail about how he feels massively disrespected by the revelations of Square Enix members talking about him behind his back.

Yuji Naka vents on Twitter

The reason behind Naka’s removal from Balan Wonderland stems from multiple disagreements between he and the publisher. Primarily, Naka wanted the developers to make further changes to polish the game’s quality. His quality-first mindset remains evident as the latest Twitter thread continues.

Game creators create games with care for the people who play them. Don’t you think that people and companies that cannot take care of games are no good? Instead of talking behind my back, don’t you think you should tell them directly before removing them?

Yuji Naka

Naka also reveals that before his official removal from the project, he took some time off due to illness. The implication is that Square Enix used Naka’s time away from work to separate Naka from the project.

What would you do if you were ill for a long time and unable to do anything because of it? And how would you feel if you were the director of an unfinished game and it was heavily criticized?

Yuji Naka

Naka also took to Twitter back in April to lay out his first public condemnation of Square Enix. Needless to say, the video game legend still feels snubbed. In his opinion, he wanted to make Balan Wonderland a fun and enjoyable platforming experience. Unfortunately, Square Enix had other plans.

What do you think of the ongoing situation between Yuji Naka and Square Enix? As always, let us know what you think down in the comments!

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