SNES Elden Ring Demake throws you back to 1995

It’s 1995 and Elden Ring just came out on Super Nintendo!

With the popularity of Elden Ring, it’s no surprise many fans are wanting to make their own twist on it. For YouTuber 64 Bits, that twist comes in the form of the Super Nintendo. That’s right—this YouTube channel created an SNES Elden Ring Demake.

SNES Elden Ring Demake video

You may have seen 64 Bits’ work before. They’ve done plenty of other demakes, including Mass Effect for Game Boy Advanced, Bioshock Infinite for SNES, and God of War for PlayStation 1. The SNES Elden Ring Demake stands as the seventh in the series of short demakes created so far.

“We did our best to capture the style and spirit of the best SNES RPGs of the platform, like Secret of Mana, Terranigma and Final Fantasy 6.”

With a beautiful view of the Erdtree, we get a look at the nostalgic pixel graphics of the demake. The video highlights the player riding their mount, Torrent, before facing the Stormgate troll. We even see Radahn on top of his trusty steed, Leonard. The demake also slides in a “praise the dog” meme when crossing paths with the Pope Turtle.

Along with the graphics, the sound effects too invoke those wistful memories of playing on the Game Boy with its 8-bit sounds. Overall, the demake video looks very clean and quite charming.

Additionally, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen an Elden Ring Demake. Developer and streamer Shintendo decided to do his own spin on one utilizing the Game Boy. It’s great to see all the different ways fans of Elden Ring make it their own.

Can we play it?

Unfortunately, the 64 Bits SNES Elden Ring Demake won’t be available for us to play, but it sure looks cool. Given the popularity of Elden Ring, I’d like to see more demakes tackling areas deeper into the game. Most people don’t have the time or resources to create the entire thing, but I’m dying to see Malenia in some kind of demake. For those interested in 64 Bits’ work, be sure to check out the other demake projects on their YouTube channel!

Erin Vieira

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