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Shredder’s Revenge sales hit a million in its first week

Cowabunga! The retro beat 'em up is selling extremely well in addition to its positive reception from fans and critics.

We here at Mega Visions have been enjoying the hell out of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge. Since it launched about a month ago, the game has captured the hearts of TMNT fans across the globe as a wonderfully nostalgic throwback to Turtles games of old. And it’s been selling very well too, as the developers confirmed that Shredder’s Revenge sales hit one million units within its first week.

Developer Tribute Games announced the news on Twitter earlier this week, celebrating alongside the game’s fans. Players have been eagerly anticipating this game since it was revealed last year, and you can count us among that crowd too. The initial sales figures demonstrate just how much the retro-style beat ’em up appealed to long-time and new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fans alike.

See that Tweet below, courtesy of Tribute Games on Twitter:

Celebrating the million unit Shredder’s Revenge sales

Obviously, seeing this game hit a million units sold is a great cause for jubilation. The teams at Tribute Games and publisher Dotemu both have reason to celebrate, as do TMNT fans who helped support this title. But even beyond the seven-figure sales numbers, this news represent just how important this franchise still is for gamers.

It’s fair to say that many TMNT games historically haven’t done well financially and / or critically. The majority do well enough, but nothing that could be considered a major success. But with good critical reviews and, obviously, high initial sales, Shredder’s Revenge seems like it’s broken that pattern.

Our own Jamie D. Elms summed it up nicely in Mega Visions’ 4/5 review for the game: “This is more than just a love letter to beat ‘em ups from nearly 30 years ago. It’s a modern take on those classic games that have enough on offer to satisfy Turtles fans of all ages. Put simply: It’s totally righteous.”

Have you picked up your copy of Shredder’s Revenge yet? Who’s your favorite Turtle or Turtle ally to play as? Let us know!

Via PC Gamer.

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