Shenmue 4 potentially teased by 110 Industries

Editor’s note: Our previous version of the article claimed Yu Suzuki wrote the tweet and deleted it. This article is now updated with the accurate information from GameRant.

With the release of the Shenmue anime, the franchise has certainly been getting its fair share of the spotlight. However, that hasn’t stopped fans from wondering: when are we getting Shenmue 4? Despite us pondering about Yu Suzuki’s game and its potential progress, not much word came about. That is, until the other night when publisher 110 Industries quietly responded in a now-deleted Tweet about Shenmue 4.

110 Industries says “eventually”

110 Industries responded to a tweet asking about Shenmue 4, but the answer unfortunately got deleted since. Though the Tweet no longer exists on Twitter, the handy Wayback Machine managed to snag a screenshot of it. In response to a user saying #LetsGetShenmue4, 110 Industries replied “Eventually.” With the deletion of the comment, we wonder if they were supposed to say anything at all.

At last year’s Tokyo Game Show, Shenmue developer Yu Suzuki took part in 110 Industries’ showcase. This led to many people speculating whether 110 Industries and YS Net were working together. In a recent interview, Suzuki brushed off the idea that these companies could be collaborating, and it seemed the rumors had little merit. However, the interviewer asked about the deleted Tweet, leaving Suzuki surprised. He noted the uncommonness of a publisher making comments about games they aren’t involved in before ultimately leaving it off with a “no comment” attitude.

Shenmue 4 could happen

The same interviewer also reached out to 110 Industries for a comment, but as of this post, nothing has come of it. Regardless, it seems the rumors floating around about Shenmue 4 may not be as unfounded as we believed them to be thanks to 110’s comment. We’ve been speculating about the possibility since April, after all. Until there’s more concrete news, we’ll have to keep our fingers crossed.

Those curious about the full interview with Yu Suzuki can look forward to reading it on GameRant in the next upcoming days.

Via, GameRant.

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