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SEGA wants your thoughts on Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown

SEGA and Virtua Fighter fans have experienced something of an indescribable excitement in recent weeks. For years, they’ve begged and pleaded for a new game in the series. This past June, SEGA answered their prayers...Well, mostly. Virtua Fighter 5 received a giant facelift, DLC content, and it was completely free for PlayStation Plus subscribers. After approximately two months of playtime, the blue brand wants your feedback.

They sent out two separate surveys: One is directed at fans who played the new Virtua Fighter, while the other is aimed at those who haven’t. In the survey for Virtua Fighter fans, SEGA asks you a multitude of questions. These include your familiarity with the franchise, feedback on Ultimate Showdown, and your thoughts on the game’s online mode and its performance. One question even asks if you prefer delay-based or rollback netcode!

Virtua Fighter US ingame

The survey aimed at those who haven’t played Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown asks about your awareness of the series and its characters. Questions like “Why didn’t you buy Ultimate Showdown?” and “What characters in VF appeal to you?” are peppered throughout the survey. Like the first survey, SEGA also asks about delay-based and rollback netcode.

If these surveys are any indication, it’s clear SEGA is keeping their eye on a new Virtua Fighter game. Your feedback is valuable to them, and I’m sure it would be used in the creation of VF 6. For those of you who played the game, you can click on this survey and give them feedback. If Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter were more of your bag, you can fill out this survey instead. In the latest issue of¬†Famitsu¬†magazine, SEGA chief producer Seiji Aoki hoped this title would bring about a sequel. Let’s make it happen, guys!

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