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SEGA and Numskull team up for seven awesome wireless charging pads

New tech products are always fun to see. When it combines our love of retro gaming and easier living, it’s hard not to get excited! Well, break out those wallets, because wireless isn’t just for controllers anymore. Behold! SEGA has the answer! (Don’t they always?) 

This week, the UK and Europe Sega Shops introduced charging pads for wireless devices. The pads are designed and manufactured by Numskull Designs, known for their excellent movie, TV and gaming merch. The officially licensed products come in seven different designs including SEGA Dreamcast, Saturn and Mega Drive console and controller shaped pads, and of course, the Sonic the Hedgehog logo.  

All pads are compatible with iPhone, Samsung, Nokia and other wirelessly charged devices and boast 10W fast charge with built-in over-charging and temperature protection. As someone who has recently gone through the headache of trying to find a good and inexpensive wireless charger, the £19.99 price tag is a beautiful thing to see. (I ended up with an actual Apple charger for my Watch and iPhone.) 

Unfortunately, as of this writing, the charging pads are not available in the US SEGA Store. Checking Numskull’s website, Just Geek and Amazon produced no workable results, either. Believe me, I really looked. However, it’s always possible, depending on popularity, things could change. At least here’s to hoping. For now, we can window shop, my US friends. Tell me which one would you grab in the comments below. 

Alicia Graves

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