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RUMOR: Bayonetta 3 might have mechanics from Scalebound

Fans are still in shock after seeing Bayonetta 3 during the latest Nintendo Direct. As a result of the new trailer, fans have been buzzing with theories since the footage was shown. One theory is that a mechanic seen in the trailer could be from the canceled PlatinumGames’ RPG Scalebound.  

This theory originates from JP Kellams, who’s a former creative producer on the canceled project. He tweeted that he thought the trailer had a move allowing summons to be controlled by the player. Most importantly, he noted it looked “very similar to a mechanic” that director Yusuke Miyata and his team had been working on for Scalebound.

You can check out the tweet below: 


The Bayonetta 3 and Scalebound connection

It wouldn’t be a big surprise to see Miyata bring over mechanics from his last project. It’s smart game design to carryover concepts that worked from previous projects. There’s another fan theory that suggests the villain at the end of the Bayonetta 3 trailer looks like Drew, who was going to be Scalebound‘s protagonist. The similarities are certainly there, and it’d be crazy to go with that idea. Then again, Platinum does have a tendency to do that sort of thing. Maybe it’s not that crazy of a theory, after all?

Bayonetta 3 is scheduled to release in 2022 exclusively on the Nintendo Switch, no matter how much some gamers complain. Do you think we’ll see more concepts from Scalebound make it into the game? Let us know below!

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