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Review: Wings of Bluestar [PS5]

An interesting setting and animated presentation bolster this enjoyable spaceship shooter

Spaceship shooters are an iconic labor of love. They are among the first and oldest genres in video games. Going back to the golden days of Galaga and Space Invaders, the goal is to fight the enemy and survive long enough to get the high score. The latest in this long line is from niche publisher eastasiasoft. Wings of Bluestar oozes style and is back with fantastic gameplay.

Mankind has evolved and transcended. The human body has been replaced with synthetic and computer parts. Even in this joyous future of technological evolution and space exploration, trouble brews. All that remains is to hop into a spaceship and blow up everything that stand in your way.

More human than human

Wings of Bluestar feels remarkably organic. The game doesn’t take place on an alien planet but because of the visual enthusiasm on display, every pilot, ship, and environment feel as if it were lovingly drawn and painted into existence. It creates the sensation of being in a 90s anime or Saturday morning cartoon. Wings of Bluestar certainly looks distinct and eye-popping among the other shooters in existence.

The gameplay is what you would come to expect from any spaceship shooter. The key here is that there is a sense of danger and purpose. Wings of Bluestar has an entire story and world written behind the gameplay. A story of a once benevolent alien A.I, called Brain, having gone mad against humanity. Every mission has a purpose. The brief story mode is well-told and includes decisions that players can make that can alter the ending through each playthrough.

Jump into the Bullet Hell

Wings of Bluestar is a spaceship shooter with bullet-hell elements. Enemies fills the screen and a kaleidoscope of enemy bullets envelope players. What the enemy didn’t count on is that your ship is highly advanced and responds to the cybernetic augmentations in your body. Players are quite powerful from the start. The ship features upgradeable weapons and orbiting drones. The key to victory is to move fast and grab every power-up.

The variety of weapons are a blast to use and players can experiment with each one to best suit their playstyle. There are 8 stage to fight across and maneuver through. There is plenty of enemy to fight and destroy throughout the course of the story mode and arcade mode. Each weapon, from solid laser beams to spread shots feels powerful and provide their own perks in the heat of combat.

Anyone else want to negotiate?

Wings of Blue Star is as easy or as challenging as the player wants it to be. Spaceship shooter have been infamous for their difficulty and requiring near-perfection from the player. Wings of Bluestar falls into the category one-hit death. However, the various difficulty modes and the plethora of firepower available make it an experience that is reachable.

Shooting down the mechanical hordes is overwhelming satisfying and euphoric. Entire cybernetic beasts are felled and do absolutely everything to destroy the player. The game knows you are the best and will do everything it can to end your run. Dodging bullets and taking names makes Wings of Bluestar a great one. Two types of ships to choose from further provides choices for how players want to play.

Wings of Bluestar MULTI-PASS

It’s clear the developer had a blast making Wings of BlueStar as there is much more to dive into. The story mode has plenty to offer players, and this is accompanied by a gallery, boss rush, and arcade modes. The gallery contains various items to unlock during the course of gameplay with in-game currency earned during each level. Wings of Bluestar drips with lore and a fascinating story about the possibilities of transhumanism at the edge of space.

Unlocking items in the gallery reveal more about the world of Wings of Bluestar from the enemies to the characters and the type of world that they inhabit. It’s clear the developers want to create a larger world from this initial game and so far, it’s something I want to see more of.

It’s My Turn To Fly

Like all shmups, Wings of Bluestar falls on the short side. The replayability comes form triyng new difficulties, finding out each ending to the story, and unlocking the gallery. Where Wings fo Bluestar is different from the others is in its determination to make every moment a memorable one, and invite players into this new and original world. While there is more of a world to explore, the developer is already working on a metroidvania follow-up, Memories of Bluestar.

Visually invigorating and a blast to play, Wings of Bluestar is an excellent shmup with a world that I want to dive into more. The gaming world can use more shmups and Wings of Bluestar is another fine addition to that need. Slap that cybernetic brain into your head and strap in. You are in for a great ride!

Wings of Bluestar is available on PS4/5, Xbox One, Series X/S and Nintendo Switch. It was reviewed on the PlayStation 5 thanks to a key generously supplied to Mega Visions by eastasiasoft.




Wings of Bluestar is a genuinely well-made spaceship shooter that feels like a love-letter to anime and the scifi world of the 90s, as well as the genre of spaceship shooters.

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