Pocket Crystal League gives the Pokemon trading card game an Inscryption-like twist

The fan game, inspired by last year's smash indie hit Inscryption, is available for free on

It’s always interesting when developers take an exisiting game and recreate it with an interesting twist. We’ve seen Resident Evil Village turned into a Castlevania style platformer and Bloodborne transformed into a PS1-like retro experience. Now, there’s a fan project that gives Pokemon its own trading card game (wait, hold on…) dubbed Pocket Crystal League.

Indie developer moodytail concocted a blend of the Pokemon Trading Card Game and more modern, in-depth card game systems. Inspired by the deck-building roguelike Inscryption, the game takes you on a journey through the Kyoumu region as you battle trainers and gym leaders through a card-based battle system.

It’s an interesting blend for sure — and one that’s caught a lot of people’s attention already.

Pocket Crystal League Gameplay 2

Pocket Crystal League and expanding the trading card game

The game takes mechanics from other card games, Inscryption in particular, and creates a more intricate Pokemon experience. Levelling up your Pokemon, special abilities for certain cards, and berries all make an appearance from the games. But the board layout is decidely different from the officiail TCG, giving separate decks for resources and units. moodytail described the gameplay and difficulty curve below:

Balancing can be a bit tricky at times, but I’m satisfied with the current level of difficulty, overall. The game is not supposed to be too easy, but challenging to a degree. Nevertheless, balance updates may happen if / when needed.

moodytail, developer of Pocket Crystal League

You can download Pocket Crystal League for free on moodytail’s page. It’s only available on Windows, however.

What do you think of this game? Are you gonna check it out this week? Let us know!

Via PC Gamer.

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