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Fan-made Bloodborne PlayStation demake is ready for slaughter later this month

Developed by programmer Lilith Walther, the fan project reimagines Bloodborne with a PS1-inspired aesthetic.

The art of remaking a game for a technologically-inferior console is often misunderstood. Taking a modern game and stripping it away of its graphical finesse while retaining the gameplay requires dedication and appreciation for the source material. There’s no better example of this than a demake of FromSoftware’s Bloodborne inspired by the aesthetics of the original PlayStation — a fan project expected to launch on Jan. 31.

To be clear: this Bloodborne demake isn’t actually designed for the PlayStation. Rather, it’s launching for the PC on Unreal Engine and will release via on Jan. 31.

Check out the release date trailer for the Bloodborne PlayStation demake below, courtesy of Lilith Walther on YouTube:

All about the Bloodborne PlayStation demake

This fan project began in 2017, with Walther sharing updates on the project via YouTube over the past five years. The gameplay has been lovingly recreated with several aesthetic additions to make it look like a fifth-gen game. Everything from the blocky environments to the bit-crushed sound effects just evokes that nostalgic PlayStation mood, and seeing Bloodborne in this style oddly makes sense.

The project features a remake of the game up through the Father Gascoigne fight, though some additional content is available after beating the game. The game will include optional CRT filters that make the game look even more old-school — though you can scale these down or turn them off if you wish.

In the meantime, Walther has been providing several gameplay updates on her Twitter. See one of those Tweets below:

Walther plans to launch the game for free via on Jan. 31. Just from the few gameplay demonstrations and trailers, it looks like an awesome and faithful rendition of Bloodborne that evokes the classic PlayStation vibes. We can’t wait to give it a try.

What do you think of this fan project? Do you think Bloodborne looks great as a PS1 game as well? Let us know!

Via Gamespot.

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