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A fan is recreating Resident Evil Village as a 2D Castlevania game

Residentvania is a game that recreates the first level of Resident Evil Village in the classic Castlevania style.

Finally, two horror gaming icons meet — at least, via a fan project. Game designer Florin Oco recently unveiled his new project Residentvania, a “de-make” of Resident Evil Village done in the style of a retro Castlevania game. Oco recreated the first level of Castlevania while changing the aesthetics to match Castle Dimistrecu from Village.

I might be biased as someone with a lot of nostalgia for classic Castlevania and who really enjoyed Village. But I gotta say, this recreation looks absolutely amazing.

See the game in action below courtesy of Florin Oco on YouTube:

What makes this Resident Evil / Castlevania hybrid so awesome?

The attention to detail in capturing the spirits of both of these titles is phenomenal, to say the least. Residentvania recreates the gameplay of the NES Castlevania games while pumping in the chilling, mysterious atmosphere of Resident Evil. And the two sides also complement each other nicely, leading to a lovely little 2D survival horror experience.

Oco created the demo over the course of 2 months in GameMaker Studio and features completely custom-made assets. It consists of one level in which Ethan Winters enters Castle Dimistrecu and fights the first Dimistrecu sister. Players can pick up the familiar weapons from Resident Evil Village including the pistol and grenade launcher, which act similarly to Castlevania subweapons.

The locations recreated include the castle’s exterior, main lobby, and crypt, and Oco perfectly rendered them in that classic Castlevania style. There are even treasures hidden about the castle if you know where to look — see if you can find them if you play the game yourself!

Resident Evil Castlevania Gameplay

Currently, Oco hasn’t revealed any plans to release more Residentvania, but they are working on an upcoming title named Lost in Time that seems to take inspiration from the later Castlevania games.

You can find more of Oco’s work on his page and on Twitter. And if you want to try Residentvania for yourself, you can download the game for free here!

Via MP1st.

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