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PlayStation 1 & 2 games that need to be playable on PS Plus Premium

What classic PlayStation games make your wish list?

In March, Sony announced they will merge their current PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now plans into one service. The new PlayStation Plus subscription service breaks its core features among three purchase tiers. As you would guess, each tier up the pay scale introduces additional benefits to players.

The third tier in particular PlayStation Plus Premium will bring nearly 340 games from previous console generations. Sony promises to comprise the library with titles spanning from the original PlayStation to PS3. As we near the June launch date for the new PS Plus service, user leaks already began.

Last week, Reddit user the_andshrew discovered image assets for five unique retro PlayStation titles on Sony’s storefront. As of this writing, the rumored offerings include Tekken 2, Worms Armageddon, Worms World Party, Mr. Driller and Ridge Racer 2. Although Sony made no comments to deny nor confirm the leaked games, hearing these old-school titles lit a nostalgic light bulb in my head.

If you’re anything like me, you grew up playing on PlayStation’s older consoles. While I’ll admit I’m not as familiar with PS3 and PSP, the first two home entertainment systems defined my childhood. Therefore, as we await PS Plus Premium to officially launch, here are five classic games that should come with it.

Medievil (PS1)

In 1998, SCE Cambridge Studio gave us the unique novelty action game Medievil on the original PlayStation. While it received less than favorable reviews from critics, I find it difficult to remove my nostalgia glasses for this oddly charming title. The game features a Tim Burton-esque aesthetic as you battle your way through the evil Zarok’s undead army as the reincarnated Daniel Fortesque.

Sir Dan in battle

Fortesque, better known as Sir Dan, is a fallen soldier who died during the opening rush of battle. Now, a century later, the reincarnated skeleton soldier seeks heroism once more to defeat Zarok and finally enter the Hall of Heroes. Although the game has objective design flaws, such as a lack of clear directions and some sloppy controls, its wit and charm make Medievil a worthy title to play on PlayStation Plus Premium.

Scarface: The World is Yours (PS2)

Likely due to the dual stigma of GTA clones and movie-based games, Scarface: The World is Yours never truly got the recognition it deserves. The open-world third-person shooter opens by offering players an alternate ending to the famed 1983 movie and acts as an indirect sequel from that point on. Set in a world where Tony Montana doesn’t die in the mansion shootout, the game gives fans of the movie an intriguing tale of revenge as you fight to reclaim Tony’s empire.

The world is yours in this underrated PS2 classic!

While it clearly takes some cues from the Grand Theft Auto games, it’s unfair to dismiss Scarface as a clone. That’s because the gameplay introduces cool features, such as the ability to target specific body parts. In addition, the game perfectly highlights Tony’s personality by allowing you to verbally taunt your opponents during shootouts. With its unique charm and fluid controls, the criminally underrated Scarface: The World is Yours deserves a place on PS Plus Premium.

Spider-Man (PS1)

Although Spider-Man 2 (2004) redefined what it means to play as the web-head and insomniac’s Spider-Man (2018) took Spidey into the modern era, Neversoft and Activision gave fans Spider-Man’s first 3D game. In 2000, Spider-Man released for the PS1, Nintendo 64 and SEGA Dreamcast. At the time, it was undoubtedly the best Spidey game on the market, and remains a must-play for Marvel fans to this day.

Spider-Man nailed the comic book aesthetic on PS1.

The game tells an original story and showcases an ensemble cast of Marvel characters. From classic Spider-Man rogues like Venom and Dr. Octopus to other heroes like Captain America and Daredevil, the game is an absolute Marvel classic. While some aspects, like webs sticking to thin air, feel dated, the PS1 Spider-Man title is a classic that shaped the future of superhero games. With the its iconic history and smooth gameplay mechanics, Spider-Man needs to swing over to PS Plus Premium.

Red Dead Revolver (PS2)

Today, fans and critics alike hail both Red Dead Redemption games as modern classics. However, some fans may not remember the PS2 classic that started it all: Red Dead Revolver. Although Red Harlow may not be as big of a household name as Arthur Morgan or John Marston, his story of revenge laid the groundwork Rockstar would polish a generation later.

Red Harlow

One aspect that sets Revolver apart from the series’ contemporary offerings is its sense of humor. Unlike the emotional stories presented in Rockstar’s more recent wild west outings, this game has a distinct, almost cartoonish wit. With its colorful characters, fun shooting mechanics and overall cowboy action, this game pays clear homage to the Spaghetti Western film genre. Red Dead Revolver also introduced the Dead Eye system that Rockstar still includes in Red Dead titles to this day. Needless to say, this old-school western classic would make a great addition to the PS Plus Premium library.

Hulk: Ultimate Destruction (PS2)

When people discuss legendary superhero games, naturally the Batman Arkham titles and Insomniac’s Spider-Man lead the discussion. Even Spider-Man 2 and X-Men Origins: Wolverine follow closely in the conversation. However, it still surprises me how little people talk about Hulk: Ultimate Destruction.

Hulk Smash!

For the most part, video games haven’t been too friendly to Marvel’s mean green beast, but this game is truly a diamond in the rough. If you ever truly wanted to go on a raging adventure as the Hulk and tear through an open world with an interactive, destructive environment, you need to play Ultimate Destruction. With a move-set that lets you rip a car in half to create makeshift boxing gloves and colossal-sized boss fights, no game lets you feel like the Incredible Hulk quite like this. Hulk: Ultimate Destruction is a true masterpiece and deserves a place in the PS Plus Premium library.

PlayStation Plus Premium rolls out classics this June

As we still have a month before Sony starts regionally phasing in its new subscription service, we still have time to speculate and daydream about which classics should head to Premium. It’s always exciting when the classics we grew up with get brought over to modern hardware. Whether any of these five titles make the cut, however, we’ll still find ourselves with some nostalgic fun.

Are you excited to replay some old-school titles on PlayStation Plus Premium? What games make your wish list? As always, share your thoughts with us below!

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