NieR: Automata anime adaptation revealed in teaser trailer

“Everything that lives is designed to end.”

Remember when Yoko Taro said the NieR series “is now finished?” As predicted, that was actually a tease to indicate he had something else in the works for the series. While celebrating its fifth birthday, the NieR team revealed that a NieR: Automata anime is now in the works.

The NieR: Automata anime teaser

In the anime teaser, it notes “everything that lives is designed to end.” With many glitchy effects crossing the screen on top of a grey backdrop, the teaser then flashes across  “we are perpetually trapped in a never-ending spiral of life and death.” Then, it reveals the form of 2B, one of the main protagonists from the game.

According to the anime’s official website, the anime plans to focus on 2B’s missions on Earth. With human beings living on the moon thanks to the invasion of machine life forms, android 2B is sent to recapture the earth by YoRHa, the android military force. By the sounds of it, the anime covers content during the game. Yoko Taro has yet to confirm whether the NieR: Automata anime will be a direct adaptation or not.

Is there a release date for the anime adaption yet?

We’ve heard no other information for the NieR: Automata anime besides the teaser trailer. As with many teasers and adaptations, it could take some time before we get an actual release date. The official anime website currently highlights the teaser and the new art of 2B standing with Pod 042, as well as a category for ‘news’. The news category only has the news of its release and some additional information regarding what the anime will focus on.

While we wait for more information, if you haven’t played the game itself, I highly recommend picking it up. From the engaging combat and gameplay to the heart-wrenching story, NieR: Automata still stands out. The game is currently available on PS4 and PC.

Erin Vieira

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